Best BGMI Gun Combos For Rank Push In Erangle (2022)

Here are all the best BGMI combo guns that you should use in Erangle and push your rank easily.

If you’re looking for the best BGMI gun combos for a rank push in Erangle Map, then you’ve come to the right place. Players take rank push very seriously and start pushing their tier as soon as the season resets. Everybody wants to reach the Conqueror tier and some of them have already achieved that. If you also want to push your rank easily and fast, then here are some gun combos you should try in the Erangle map.

List of BGMI Best Gun Combos For Rank Push (2022)

Best BGMI Gun Combos Rank Push In Erangle

Go ahead and have a look at all the best BGMI gun combos to use in Erangle Map.

Scar-L & AKM – Best BGMI Gun Combo

You can use these combos without thinking twice. Scar-L is an AR and can be used for the long-range spray but don’t forget to use appropriate attachments for better recoil rate. However, AKM is also an AR and can be used for close-range combat.

UMP 45 & M416

UMP 45 was remodeled and switched to 45 ACP to 9mm and this change was hated by the BGMI fans. Although UMP 45 is still very dangerous when used with M416. There’s no introduction needed for M416, so if you’re a rusher then this Gun Combo is the one for you.

Awm & Groza

Awm & Groza is one of the best BGMI Gun Combos that can be used for Rank Push in Erangle Map. However, you can only find Awm sniper and Groza in the Airdrop. But if you found it, then no one can stop you in a long-range or short-range fight.

DP-28 & Uzi

Dp-28 is mostly used for long-range fights, especially because of the single burst fire ability. As a downside, it has a high recoil rate and takes a few seconds to reload. But to back it up, you can always use Uzi for close combats.

Beryl M762 & M24

If you’re unable to get an AWM then M24 is always there for you. Beryl M762 and M24 can be killing combos, which can help you bag kills very easily. However, you will need to practice using M762 because it’s difficult to control the recoil.

These are all the best BGMI Gun combos for a rank push in Erangle Map, go ahead and try them out. However, if you want more tips and tricks to rank up to Conqueror Tier easily, then we’ve got your back.