Green Hell Console Commands & Cheats (2022) – How To Use Them

Commands and cheats can get you almost everything in Green Hell. Here's list of console commands and cheats and how to use them in Green Hell.

Green hell is a classic survival game where players have to craft weapons and survive on a creepy Amazonian island. The game has been around for 3 years and has built a good fan base given that it is has a multiplayer mode as well. What many players don’t know is that they can use cheats and commands in Green hell to get items, make the game slow and do much more. Here’s a list of console commands and cheats you can use in Green Hell.

How To Activate Commands And Cheats In Green Hell

Before being able to put in commands and cheats players have to tweak some game settings.

  • Launch steam and right-click on Green Hell and then click on the Properties button
  • Click on the “local files” button and then choose “browse local files”
  • A windows explorer window will open, select the “GH_Data/Resources” options
  • Under that option make a folder named “scripts” and then make another folder “debug” in scripts.
  • Create a Notepad file in the Debug folder and then while saving it remove the .txt, this will save it as a document. Now you will be able to run all the console commands and cheats in Green Hell

List of Console Commands And Cheats In Green Hell


What It Does

U ( use it at the main menu) Use this code to unlock the story mode
L ( use it at the main menu) Use this code to show the fake loading screen
K ( use it at the main menu) Use this code to hide the fake loading screen
F1 Show Debug Menu: Item
F2 Show Debug Menu: Scenario
F3 Show Debug Menu: Spawners
F4 Show Debug Menu: Skills
F5 Show Debug Menu: AI
F6 Show Debug Menu: Wounds
F7 Show Debug Menu: Dialogues
F9 Show Debug Menu: Log
L-CTRL Makes coordinates on the top right section of the screen
NUMPAD + Froward Time by 1 hour
NUMPAD – Backward Time by 1 hour
NUMPAD / Make the game faster (increase game speed)
L-CTRL + M Get unlimited stamina and health
L-CTRL + U Get all information regarding crafting and injuries
NUMPAD ENTER Forward time by 10 hours
L-CTRL + O Show statistics
; Start trailer
= Toggle rain
Unlock cursor
R-ALT + K Kill all creatures
L- ALT + L Give all creatures 10 damage
I Spawn items
NUMPAD 0 Spawn creatures
NUMPAD 2 Spawn creatures as hallucination
NUMPAD 3 Spawn creatures as idling
NUMPAD 1 Play dialogue
Z Spawn enemy wave
F8 Finish all Blueprints
R-CTRL + H Toggle HUD
NUMPAD 9 Save the game
NUM LOCK Reduce the speed of the game
PAUSE Will pause the game without opening the pause menu
L-ALT+’ Kill the player
L-ALT + L-Shift + ‘ Give the player 25 damage
/ Add injury
BACKSPACE Give the player 30 damage with claws
V Show diving mask
B Show Biohazard mask
L Start Goldmine dream
R-ALT + F Put fire in hand
F10 Open crafting manager
F11 Put the item in your hand in your backpack
R-ALT + J Pass out
L- Shift + 5 Save location
L- Shift + 6 Teleport to a saved location
, Attach worms
Attach leeches
PAGE UP Increase sanity by 5 points
PAGE DOWN Decrease sanity by 5 points


This was the complete list of console commands and cheats you can use in Green Hell.

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