Can You Play FNAF Security Breach On PS4?

Find out if you can play FNAF Security Breach on PS4.

FNAF Security Breach was launched on 16th December and has many players wondering whether it is on PS4. PlayStation consoles have a notorious habit of skipping out on games that are not PS exclusives. While this is a good marketing gimmick to get more users to purchase PS consoles, it does backfire at times. So, scroll down and find out if it is the same this time around with FNAF.

Is FNAF Security Breach available on PS4?


FNAF Security Breach PS4 - Can You Play On PlayStation Consoles?

Yes, FNAF is available on PS4 and PS5. This is good news for PlayStation users as the game has been rated quite high since its launch. The last I checked, the game was available for 39.99$ on both PS4 and PS5. If you are looking to get this game, make sure that you have at least 80GB of free space on your console.

The horror-based game does have quite a visual appeal, even if it seems to have a childish appearance. This further accentuates the creepy factor of the game and makes for a truly harrowing experience. Combined with the next-gen graphics of the PS5, the fear factor might just turn up. However, that is not saying that FNAF Security Breach is bad on PS4.


The game seems to have been outright adapted for the PlayStation consoles. The other platform it is available on is PC. You can purchase the game via Steam if you are a PC user. For PS users, you can visit the official PlayStation store.

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