FFXIV Best DPS Classes In Latest Patch 5.4

In Final Fantasy XIV, DPS is very important. Here is a list of all FFXIV Best DPS Class tier lists in the latest Patch 5.4.

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game which was developed and published by Square Enix in 2010. If you have been playing the game for a long time you must know that all previous class tier lists, all of the classes in Final Fantasy XIV have a perfect balance. This is to a point that all of them are equal in terms of power and performance. Now here’s a list of FFXIV Best DPS Classes In the Latest Patch 5.4 which has seen a good amount addition of smoother combat rotations, better damage output along with a much better playing experience.

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FFXIV Best DPS Classes In Latest Patch 5.4

Here’s a list of the top 7 DPS classes that are the best after the recent drop of the 5.4 patches in the game.


FF14 Best DPS Classes In Latest Patch 5.4

Samurai is said to be the best among the DPS classes because of its combat style. This class has extremely insane stats which include high damage output, easy rotation, and mobility as a melee class. One disadvantage of a samurai is its support arsenal. But it is the best at dealing damage in the shortest amount of time


FF14 Best DPS Classes In Latest Patch 5.4

Monk is also the strongest FFXIV DPS Classes In the Latest Patch 5.4. It has almost the same level as that of the Black Mage or the Samurai when it comes to personal damage. The update has been a huge advantage to this class as it boosted all Monk’s skills.  Previously have a DPS as a monk was the worst due to its complex movements and attack patterns but the latest update has changed everything. You will fall in love with playing as a Monk.

3.Black Mage

FFXIV Best DPS Classes In Latest Patch 5.4

Black mage is said to be the most powerful of the casting classes as well as one of the heaviest hitting of the DPS classes. In terms of raw power, Black Mage is basically unbeatable. The only drawback of playing as them is that the rotation for AOE and Single Target skills gets boring real quick. Plus it is also considered the worst jobs throughout leveling in terms of performance and playstyle.


FFXIV Best DPS Classes In Latest Patch 5.4

The Ninja is a strong DPS with a nice utility even after being a bit complex in its skills utilizations. The latest patch has given it significant changes from Improved skill rotation to powerful damage output. Also if the class is supported with other melee classes it is capable of adding even more damage.


FFXIV Best DPS Classes In Latest Patch 5.4

Summoners are a bit tough to handle if you do not know how to manage all things at a time. . The Summoner’s arsenal is maintaining pets and damage over time. Even after it is a job that is quite complicated to play it does have quite teh rewards in store once you are fully able to navigate it. The summoner can deal a high amount of damage while also being able to jump into a back-up support role with its healing and resurrecting skills.


Final Fantasy XIV Best DPS Classes

Dragoon has always been the crowd favorite. It has unique abilities and is capable of showing you quite the battle in the game. The latest patch unfortunately had not been able to bring about relatively huge changes to it. But it is still the best due to its Improved damage output with patch 5.4.

7.Red Mage

FFXIV Best DPS - Red Mage

Red Mage is the least popular is the weakest job to play in FFXIV. But this time it seems to have caught up to the Summoner class in all measurable aspects. Red Mage is typically used as a support-based DPS since its damage output was low. But now that does not seem to be the case anymore due to its boost in the new patch update. Some of his spells were boosted to deal more damage. It also is the easiest caster in the game which will give a reason for players to opt for it.

This will be the end of our guide on FFXIV Best DPS Classes In the Latest Patch 5.4. While here you may also like our article on Final Fantasy XIV: Unlockable FFXIV Hairstyle Guide.