Fortnite Evie Skin – How To Get It & More

Evie is here now. When are you planning to get the newly added skin? Read further to know more about this.

In Fortnite, new skins keep dropping. This time Evie is showcased as the latest skin in the game. Evie is a part of the Syndicate Idol Set. Apart from that, you can get your hands on legendary skins in the Season 3 Chapter 3 Battle Pass. Those include Darth Vader, Malik, Sabina, Adira and Evie. Go through the article to know more about Evie skin and the items in the Syndicate Idol Set.

How to Get Evie Skin in Fortnite?

evie skin in fortnite

Evie skin is an Epic outfit in Fortnite. You can unlock it in the Syndicate Idol Set in Season 3, Chapter 3. Evie has 2 other variants and they are Syndicate Couture and Neon Couture. To unlock the variants, you have to complete certain challenges in the skin.

You can unlock the Syndicate Couture on Page 2 with 8 Battle Stars. Neon Couture is unlocked on Page 9 with 8 Battle Stars. Along with the skins, there are cosmetics that come with the Syndicate Idol Set.

What can you Find in the Syndicate Idol Set?

You will find these items in the set,

  • An Outfit
  • Pairing Blades
  • Wrap
  • Emote to use in the game
  • Twin Crossfire (aka Back Bling)
  • Double Shot (Loading Screen)
  • An Emoticon
  • 2 Sprays viz. Syndicate Strike and Exed Out
  • Lobby Music Track

All of these are exclusive items. You can acquire them until the season ends. The music track Syndicate is a rare piece, try and grab it while you can. Apart from this, there are 3 Evie shirt emblems that you can get. They are Peace Syndicate, Bad Luck and Nine Lives.

This is all you need you to know about the Evie Skin in Fortnite. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you are here, you can go ahead and check out Best Anime Skins in Fortnite and what is Siphon in Fortnite.