Epic Seven: How To Change Substat?

Substats can play a pivotal role in deciding the value of Equipment.

The value of pieces of equipment in Epic Seven can be influenced by a number of factors. However, the most important factors are the Primary and Substats for it. Rarity and Rank can both impact the value of an Equipment’s Substats. Players can change one Substat for each Equipment to make it suit their needs in Epic Seven.

How To Change Substat In Epic Seven?


Depending on their rarity, pieces of equipment can have a different number of Substats at the start. While Common Equipment does not have any Substats, Uncommon Equipment starts off with a single Substat in Epic Seven. Meanwhile, Rare Equipment offers 2 Substats, and Epic Equipment has 3 Substats. Lastly, Legendary Equipment has 4 Substats.

Players can choose to change one Substat for a piece of Equipment that they have. To do this, they will first need to unlock Substat Modification. There are a few requirements that players will need to fulfil to complete this.

  • First, players can only change the Substat for Equipment that has been enhanced to Level 15. The option is not available prior to this.
  • Next, players have to clear Expedition Level 2 and collect the rewards. If a player has cleared the level but is still unable to access Substat Modification, they might need to redo it.

The cost of changing a Substat depends on the grade of the modification material. Players might have to pay from 80,000 to 100,000 Gold for the change. Once all the requirements are met, players can follow the steps given below to change the Substats.

  • Go to the Inventory in Epic Seven.
  • Select the Equipment option.
  • Choose the piece of Equipment that needs to be modified and click on the Modify option.
  • Change the Substats and save the changes. Now, players will have a modified Equipment that is tailored to their specifications.

That is how players can change Substat in Epic Seven. For more Epic Seven guides, check out this Guide To Switch Skins In Epic Seven.