COD Mobile: How To Earn The Eagle Eye Medal?

The Eagle Eye medal happens to be one of the most sought-after medals in COD: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile has been keeping things interesting for players introducing new medals at regular intervals. There have been a number of interesting challenges posed to players for the medals. One of these is the Eagle Eye medal which also happens to be one of the most sought-after medals in CODM. One of the reasons for this is that players must obtain the medal in order to complete the BR Mastermind challenge in Season 10. It can be quite difficult to attain this medal. Find out how you can get the Eagle Eye medal in COD: Mobile.

How To Earn The Eagle Eye Medal in CODM?

As stated earlier, it is quite difficult to earn the Eagle Eye medal in COD: Mobile. To accomplish this players will have to kill an enemy who is further than 75 meters without the use of a scope. However, there are certain ways to make this task a little easier. Here’s how you can earn the medal quickly:

  • Play solo in the lobby. The chances are good that you will encounter multiple AI bots. As all COD: Mobile players will know, bots are much easier to kill than a real enemy.
  • Use a marksman rifle that deals a lot of damage at long range like SKS. Players unfamiliar with the marksman rifles can opt for LMGs instead. These weapons have a large magazine size making them perfect for getting this medal.
  • Once you spot a target, mark their location so you know if they are 75 meters away.

Eagle Eye Challenge COD Mobile

Once players manage to attain a kill in this way, the Eagle Eye medal will be granted to them. Players can also check how many medals they have in their achievement profile. COD: Mobile has introduced a variety of medals over time. These include the Berserker, Backstabber, and the Gunmaster medal among many others. Check out the full list of Call Of Duty Mobile Medals & how to unlock them.