How To Defeat Lost Soul Mighty Doom

Read this guide to learn how to beat boss Lost Soul in Mighty Doom.

Lost Soul is a boss monster that appears twice in Exultia like its original version. Formerly human, this demon has lost itself and turned into a killing machine. Thus, players need to be wary of it and understand its weakness and strength to defeat Lost Soul in Mighty Doom. According to the franchise storyline, he escaped from hell, then became a lost soul. Due to this, its appearance is unlike most demons of the game.

Mighty Doom: How to Defeat Lost Soul Boss

Beat Lost Soul Mighty Doom

Lost Soul is fast and leaves multiple small skulls that attack players left and right, making it hard for them to dodge all its attacks. Its advantages and disadvantages both come from its structure. It is a skull, so movements are fast, but because of this, it has no solid weapon or attack. It will attack directly, trying to chew or bite you. And so will its minions.

It has no definite movement but attacks the player directly, so you have to keep moving from one spot to another. There is a brief movement when it stops attacking and stays in one spot. And that is to create small skulls. It is better to kill those small ones as soon as they appear. They can be easily killed, so just keep attacking or firing while it is making small Lost Souls.

Recommended Weapons Against Lost Soul

Super Shotgun, Ice Bomb, Chain Gun, Crucible, Combat Shotgun, and Burst Rifle are some weapons that can easily defeat this demon. Ice Bomb is its most fatal weakness, as this being is weak towards the element, probably because it comes from hell and has a hell fire.

Killing this demon is easy with one of the above-mentioned weapons, as it is weak. And its only advantage is its multiplication power and direct attack. If you can’t dodge it, use Crucible. And if you can, then use Shotguns and other weapons to keep attacking it till it dies.

That’s all players need to know on how to defeat Lost Soul in Mighty Doom. Are you wondering how to beat Doom Hunter and Imp boss? follow these links to know. Also, bookmark this site for more Doom tips, tricks, and guides.