Days Gone Codes And Cheats: Do They Exist?

Many players look for Cheats and Codes to use in Days Gone. Let's see if there are Cheats and Codes for Days Gone and if yes how to use them.

Players start as Deacon in Days Gone. A biker who is on his way to get revenge for his wife’s murder. While the one-line premise sounds interesting sadly the execution isn’t that great. This is why many players go around looking for cheats. Let’s dig deeper and find out are there any codes and cheat for Days Gone.

Are There Any Codes And Cheats For Days Gone?

days gone cheats
The short answer is No, there aren’t any codes to use in Days Gone. Players will find several codes across the internet but none of them work. Usually cheats for Play station games are in the form of button combinations.  Most of the websites have a combination of words as cheats.

The fundamental problem is that you won’t be able to type the words in the game hence won’t be able to use the cheats in Days Gone. Many games like GTA V have an option to enter codes as phone numbers or you can also open up a keyboard to type the codes but there is no such option in Days Gone.

While there are no codes for Days Gone there are some hacks players can use in the game. PC players can always use Trainers or external patches to get unlimited money, unlimited health, and most of the guns at the beginning of the game.

Play station players can also use some 3rd party apps that will enable them to enter codes. These apps will let you enter codes in multiple games. One of the downsides is that most of them are paid. Another thing players should note is that none of these methods are authorized which makes all of them very risky.

We would advise you to go through the due course of the game and if you want to get ahead quickly in Days Gone stick around at Gamesadda for guides, tips, and tricks.