Cult Of The Lamb Sanitation Guide

Want to maintain the hygiene of your cult, this will guide you.

In this game, you build a cult from scratch, but while doing that you’ll have to pay attention to several things such as sanitation, it is a necessary component to maintain the health of yourself and your followers. This is a Sanitation guide for Cult of the lamb:

Sanitation Guide for Cult of the Lamb

Outhouse In Cult Of The Lamb
Image credit: ShuffleFM on YouTube

Try to Make Healthy Food

When you first start the game, you don’t have many choices in the cooking field, which leads to many of your followers falling sick.
And as a result, they vomit and poop everywhere around the camp.

In one star dish it is better to cook “Meager Mixed Meal“, in a two-star ” Modest Mixed Meal“, and at a three-star, all dishes are a save option.

Let Your Follower Rip

Keeping the dead body of your follower might result in others falling sick or losing faith at a times. There are two ways through which you can handle this situation.

First, resurrect them and second give them a proper burial. The “Ritual of Ressurection” doctrine is used for bringing your followers back to life, but it has a cooldown period.

You need to build a “Body Pit” to give them a burial.

Depending on the nature of your cult you can harvest or compose them too. The “Return to the Earth” doctrine will help you compose dead bodies.

Build an Outhouse

The outhouse is nothing but your toilet, building an outhouse will stop your followers from taking dumps anywhere and make your premises clean.

Depending on the number of your followers it should expand. Apart from keeping your premises clear, it will also provide you with fertilizer, which then can be used for farming or cooking a bowl of poop.

Turn grass into Fertilizer

You can build a “Compost Bin“, where you can throw and create fertilizer from wastes like grass, it helps you in getting rid of grass as well as in keeping your surroundings clean.

Build Janitor Station

This hut contains all the cleaning supplies that your followers can use and maintain the hygiene of their environment.

This guide was about sanitation in the cult of the lamb, if you are looking for a more such guide check out how to get the poop follower form.