Clash Of Clans: How To Three Star The Spooky Challenge?

Want to get three stars in the Spooky Challenge in Clash Of Clans? Check out this guide.

As the spooky festival is here, Clash Of Clans has made it even spookier with the ongoing Spooky Challenge. If you haven’t yet visited the challenge in the game, you might want to because it holds rewards and loot. In this guide, we have mentioned how to three-star the spooky challenge in Clash Of Clans.

If you’ve tried it earlier and couldn’t get past a couple of stars, this is your chance to claim victory and get three stars in the challenge. Read along with this guide to know more about it.

How to get Three Stars in the Spooky Challenge in Clash Of Clans?

Spooky Challenge in Clash of Clans

In the new update of Clash of Clans, the developers have draped the game in the Halloween theme. Along with that, they have added several events that players can participate in to get exclusive rewards. Below, you will learn how to three-star the spooky challenge in COC and get the rewards attached to the event.

In this event, you have to raid a base and get three stars to complete the challenge. You can try to accomplish the feat multiple times but you will get the loot and the rewards only once. Apart from that, you are given the troops with which you have to attack the village. You will see the following troops in your arsenal,

  • Giant Skeleton (x5)
  • Royal Ghost (x10)
  • Archer Queen (x1)
  • Bat Spell (x2)

All of these troops and spells will be of the maximum level and you will have 3 minutes to complete the challenge. Below, we have mentioned the steps to get three stars in the spooky challenge. Go through the steps and you will be able to claim the rewards.

How to Complete the Spooky Challenge?

  • First, deploy one Royal Ghost near the Clan Castle to avoid the troops. This step is important because if the troops get out, it would be difficult for you to take down the village.
  • Then, deploy one Giant Skeleton in the middle of the Poison Spell Tower Trap.
  • Release two Royal Ghosts at both ends of the traps. You may have to do this twice to fully take down each trap.
  • Deploy one Giant Skeleton and two Royal Ghosts near the Town Hall. The Giant Skeleton will help you diffuse the spring traps near the town hall and make way for the Royal Ghosts to destroy it easily.
  • You have to tackle the Tesla Towers placed in the village. Drop Giant Skeletons, one for each group of towers, to activate them and deploy the remaining Royal Ghosts to take them down.
  • There is one Tesla Tower in the top right corner of the base, deploy the bat spells over there. The bats will destroy the tower and the crossbows.

In this way, you can three-star the spooky challenge in Clash Of Clans and claim your rewards easily. You will receive EXP (x400) and Shovel of Obstacles (x1) as rewards. The events will expire on 1st Nov, so play them before the time runs out.

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