How To Recruit All Chained Echoes Characters?

Different characters give different bonuses to players in Chained Echoes.

Chained Echoes is a story-driven JRPG. You will follow a group of heroes on their journey through the war-ridden land of Valandis. There are a large number of characters that you can recruit in Chained Echoes. Different characters give different types of bonuses that can benefit your game. To find out how you can recruit all characters in the game, check out the guide below.

Chained Echoes: How To Recruit All Characters?


The first thing you need to understand is that different characters have different recruitment requirements in Chained Echoes. While you can recruit some characters in Hermit’s Isle, other characters can be recruited in Act 3 (Clan Rank 2). There are also characters that require a player to be in Act 4 (Clan Rank 3) to be recruited. You will need to talk to all characters to have them join your clan. We have listed all the characters according to these requirements and explained how you can recruit each character individually.

Hermit’s Isle


  • Falora: She can be found in the southern part of Hermit’s Isle on the pier.
  • Vesta: You can find this character on the lonely island in the middle of the lake near the Kortara Mountains.
  • Bao: You can find Bao on the snowy peak of Mount Rydell.
  • Guy: To find this character, you should go to New Wyrnshire and visit the dormitory building in the southern part of the town. Here, climb to the second floor and exit to the roof. Now you just have to navigate the passages on the right till you find him.
  • Pavel: This character can be found fishing in the middle of the ocean. He will be on a little raft towards the west of Valandis.
  • Tehlla: You can find this fortune-teller on the beach in the western part of the Arkant Archipelago.
  • Eddie: This musician is harder to track down as he is flying on an airship in the western part of Valandis. His location is not exact and you will have to keep an eye out for him if you wish to recruit him.
  • Pignon: To find Pignon, you can head to the Flower Fields of Perpetua. You can find him at Leviathan’s Trench.
  • Deimsch: He is in Farnsport. You can head north till you find him.
  • Bernd: He is in Rockbottom fighting with his wife in his house. Once the fight dialogue are done, you can talk to him and have him join your clan.
  • Gormit: This character can be found on a platform called the Hooge located in the middle of the ocean. It is near the Arkant Archipelago in the southeast part of Valanis. You will find him standing between wooden barrels and boxes.

Act 3 (Clan Rank 2)


  • Thopas: This miner can be found in Shambala standing next to red mineral ore.
  • Archy: He is in the southern part of Shambala on an isolated island surrounded by stones and blue minerals.
  • Linus: This dog can be found wandering around the underground city of Tormund You will have to track him down as he roams around the area. Once you catch up to him, he will join your clan immediately.
  • Bob: He is on the ground level in the western part of the city of Tormund.
  • Kayn Sivar: You can find this pilot in the northern part of Farnsport.
  • Triony: This character is found on the docks of Farnsport fishing near Magnolia’s home.
  • Murchand: You can find him in the western part of Flandern.

Act 4 (Clan Rank 3)


  • Zellor: This merchant can be found  in the Flower Fields of Perpetua. He is situated near the camp area.
  • Fridolyn and her piglets: You will first need to complete A Little Vacation quest to recruit this character. Once you are done with this quest, go to an island in the southern part of Valandis. You will find Fridolyn as well as her piglets Peggy, Hamlet, and Truffle here. They can all be recruited from here.
  • Bernd’s wife: She can only be recruited once you have recruited Bernd. After recruiting him, you can talk to her. However, she will not join your clan immediately. She will insist on going to your base in Hermit’s Isle to see Bernd. Once you take her to Bernd, they will argue again. Once the argument is over, she will be recruited to your clan.
  • Jack: You can find Jack next to a research camp in the southern Fiorwoods.
  • Gimaj: Lastly, you will need to complete The Gates to Nhysa side quest before finding Gimaj in the western part of Ograne Grottos. He is meditating in the waterfall.

This is the complete list of all the characters you can recruit in Chained Echoes and where to find them. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more Chained Echoes guides, check out What Are Canned Enemies In Chained Echoes?