How To Complete The Titanic Challenge in Bitlife?

The latest Bitlife Challenge, titled the Titanic Challenge, has just been introduced, and here's a quick guide explaining to you how to tackle the historic task.

This is a current weekly challenge for CandyWriter’s iconic mobile life sim. The purpose here is to experience the terrible moments of the tragedy, though not practically.

While the Titanic drowned early in 1912, this life simulator brings you back to those times with the Titanic challenge, and you are required to follow the narrative arc from the viewpoint of the Rose Dewitt Bukater.

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BitLife Titanic Challenge

Here’s what you’ll have to do to complete the BitLife Titanic Challenge. If you wish to take up the challenge then you must satisfy the following criteria,

  • Be a female named Rose
  • Learn to swim
  • Cheat on a fiancé
  • Become a nude art model
  • Survive a shipwreck
  • Throw away a 5ct+ diamond

How To Complete Bitlife Titanic Challenge?

To complete Titanic Challenge in BitLife, you must go through the following steps:

Step 1 – Create A New Life

The very first step in the process is quite easy. Create a new life as a new female Bitizen and name her Rose. The hard part is what comes next.

Step 2 – Lean To Swim

This is an entirely different process. Click here to learn how to swim in Bitlife.

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Step 3 – Cheat On A Fiance

For starters get engaged to someone. Once you are engaged move towards the Activities tab > navigate to the Love > choose Hook up option.

Step 4 – Become A Nude Art Model

For this go to the Occupations section > navigate to Careers > Locate Nude Art Model jobs and hit apply.

Step 5 – Survive A Shipwreck

To survive a shipwreck you will have to purchase the boat and get a boat license obtained. It is not possible if you are bankrupt or don’t have sufficient money.

Hence, you must have some savings in the bank and a good-paying job. Once the boat is bought keep riding it until you met with an accident and survive through it.

Step 6 – Throw away a 5 carats diamond

This is the last step in the process. Throw away your diamond jewelry of 5 carats or more. For this head to the shopping section > go to jewelers option > but any jewelry of 5 carats or more.
Further, move to the assets > locate the jewelry you just purchased > select to discard it from the options.

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Once you are done with all of these provisions, you’ll wrap up the Titanic Challenge in Bitlife and achieve a new accessory item in your inventory to put on every character you build on that account.

Pretty simple huh? That’s how to finish the Bitlife Titanic Challenge successfully.