How To Learn To Swim In Bitlife?

Here’s a quick guide on how to learn to swim in Bitlife simulator.

Extremely popular Bitlife: Life Simulator allows you to live a virtual life devoid of challenges and problems through animated characters and amusing scenes just like there is no end to studying and pursuing anything in real life. Bitlife also features a wide variety of hobbies and professions that you can dream to explore.

The only good difference is that it’s a lot smoother in the game and it doesn’t take a lot of hard work. Hence, one such hobby/profession is swimming. If you’re searching for how to learn to swim in Bitlife then do follow this guide further.

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How To Learn To Swim In Bitlife?

If you are an active Bitlife user and taking swimming as leisure or a career, or just want to experiment, then this guide is for you. Becoming a competitive swimmer can be a bit daunting in Bitlife, but not to the extent as in real life.

There is no shortcut to anything the only prerequisite is hard work; however, this guide tries to make things simpler for the active visitors. Learning how to swim in Bitlife is quite essential if you wish to complete some of the game’s challenges like the Titanic Challenge.

Prerequisite to becoming a swimmer in Bitlife you must be,

  • A – Must be 13 years or elder
  • B – Join Middle or Higher school swim team
  • C – High Health

Once you are 13 years and above and in middle school then tap on your middle school name, navigate to the activities tab and select the option to join swim teams from the host of activities available. Next, choose the option to try out the swim team from the activities menu.

As long as you are healthy you won’t face any issue joining the school’s swim club and a pop-up will appear on the screen with a message “you successfully tried out and were selected for the middle school swim team.”

Once you join the team you’ll successfully learn how to swim in Bitlife.

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Please Note: If your character doesn’t have the best athleticism or higher health then he will be rejected to join the swim time in such instances you may have to wait for your character to join High school and between this period he must take plenty of walks and be active as much as possible. Once the criteria is fulfilled for higher heath he can proceed from the High school tab the same way he did from middle school

That’s it to our guide on how to learn to swim in Bitlife, you must also check other Bitlife guides on our site GamesAdda.