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Top 10 Best Games To Play In Train (2022)

Looking for the best games to play during your train journey? Then check this out!

Getting Bored during your train journey? How about some fun games that will keep you engaged and entertained during your travel time? Sounds fun right? Then, here is a list of all the best, amazing, entertaining, and engaging games to play in train.

Scroll down and go through our list of all the best oflfine games to play in train. Pick your favorite one and have fun during your journey. Whether you are travelling alone or with your friends and family, we have all the single and multiplayer games that you can enjoy solo or with your loved ones.

So without any further ado, let us dive into it!

Best Offline Games To Play During Your Train Journey

1. Ludo King

best games to play in train

Ludo is classic, evergreen table game that yo can play with your friends in a multiplayer mode. If you don’t know about the game, then here is a short drill for you. All you have to do here is start your journey from one end and make it up to the home with all your 4 tokens rolling on the dice.

2. Chain Reaction

best games to play in train

Do you remember what does a chain reaction mean from your chemistry class? If not, then here is a fun version of it! Here you have to cover the board with your colored element by doubling them. It can be played up to 8 players with your friends and family.

3. 2048

best games to play in train

Love math? Then this is the game for your quick brain exercise. Slide tiles in verticle and horizontal manner and they go on multiplying. Make sure you reach the number 2048 before the board is blocked with tiles.

4. Sudoku

best games to play in train

Soduku is a logic based strategy game that is loved by majority of the people. It is popular since the time it used to come in everyday’s newspaper. In Sudoku you have to fill in the blanks with numbers in a 9×9 grid that is divided into 3×3 boxes to get 1 number in every column and row.

5. Cut The Rope 2

best games to play in train

Love frogs? Then you will love the animations in Cut The Rope 2. This is one of the best game to play in train. In Cut The Rope 2 you have to cut the ropes in such manner that your cute little frog gets the candy. It is level based game and it gets super strategic and fun as you go up.

6. Dr. Parking 4

best games to play in train

fThis is a fun game where you start in a parking lot where there are many cars parked. You have to move the cars and get them out of the Parking lot one by one without getting blocked,. This is also level based game and number of cars and difficulty go on increasing as you level up in the game.

7. Word Shuffle

best games to play in train

This is a very simple yet one of the best games to work on your vocabulary. You are given a few letters that you have to drag and drop in the blanks and make the word. It has more than 2000 levels and hence cn be very engaging for one on their train journey.

8. Mazes & More

best games to play in train

This can be one of the quick games to train your brain in train! Mazes & More is a classic puzzle game where you have to make your way out. This  is one of the best offline games that can be played in yupto 6 categories: Classic, Enemies, Ice Floor, Darkness, Traps, and Time Trial.

9. Unblock Me

best games to play in train

Unblock Me that of the similar game to Dr. Parking. But here instead of cars you have to move the logs and make way for the red log out. Again this is a level based game and difficulty level goes on increasing to make it more fun and interesting.

10. Hill Climb Racing

best games to play in train

Hill Climb Racing is a fun physics-based driving game available on both iOS and Android and can be played offline for free. All you need to do here is drive your cute little red car from point A to B by crossing all the obstacles on your way.

Here we come to the ned of our list of best offline games to play in train. Check out another article on best Google-Doodle games to play.