Among Us Proximity Chat: How To Download & Install Among Us Voice Mod?

Among Us, Proximity Chat and Voice Chat Mod is one of the best addition to the game. Here is our guide on how and why you should install it.

Among Us was first launched in 2018 and became an instant hit last year after the pandemic hit the world. And since the game’s sudden popularity quite a list of Among Us mods started coming up. From Among Us Solo ModeAmong Us Zombie Mode to the 100 Players Mode, many such mods were made. These mods helped with just minor tweaks in the game. But if you have heard of Among Us Proximity Chat mod then you will be shocked at what a great impact it has on the game.

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Why One Should Download & Install Among US Proximity Chat Mod?

Have you ever stopped and wondered as to why Among Us became a hit and such a cool name? And what is the difference will Among Us Proximity Chat mod add to the game and user experience? Among Us became quite the hit among players who loved the simple yet fantastic concept of the game.

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This mod happens to make the game more interesting to play. With the help of Proximity Chat mod, people can chat with other players while moving around in the ship without having any need for meetings. Obviously, the mod is restricted based on how close players are standing to each other. With the help of this mod, you can help your crewmates and help in exchanging cital information. It also means more gameplay especially for imposters to sweet talk and confuses the crewmates. This makes the game a whole lot more fun and interesting to play.

How You Can Install The Among US Proximity Chat Mod?

At the moment the mod is only available for players who are playing it on PC. To download the Proximity Chat mod you will just have to follow the steps that we have mentioned below.

  1. Click on the link given here. Among Us Proximity Chat
  2. Download the executable file (.exe file)  and then Install it.
  3. If you receive an antivirus notification you can go ahead and disregard it since the app is completely safe to use.
  4. Once the installation is complete you are good to go.

Just sit back and enjoy this awesome Among Us Proximity Chat mod with your crewmates. We will keep adding more mods for you to enjoy the game so keep following us on