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Amenoma Kageuchi In Genshin Impact – Stats, Best Characters

Amenoma Kageuchi Sword Stats and Suitable characters in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact added a vast range of weapons with new maps in its version 2.0 update. One of them was Amenoma Kageuchi. It is one of the most powerful swords in the game. One of the swords design, is a replica of Hakuen Mitchimitsu Amennoma. The main benefit of this sword is its energy regaining ability after using an Elemental Burst. This guide is about how to get the Amenoma Kageuchi sword in Genshin Impact, the stats, and the best characters to use.

Amenoma Kageuchi in Genshin Impact

How to Get Amenoma Kageuchi

Amenoma Kageuchi is an Inazuma Sword that was gifted by the Douin a founding member of the Iwakura clan for taking good care while he was in seclusion in Konda village. It is a secret blade used by swordsmen who inherited the “in” to destroy evil forces on Inazuma Island.

How to Get Amenoma Kageuchi

  • Players can get this sword by first getting the Saimon Hairloom Blade Diagram by completing the Farmer’s Treasure Quest. To complete the quest, players have to collect the four Old Stone Slates. You can collect the stones from four different locations namely Northeast of Kamisato Estate, Inside Konda village’s Well near a Luxurious Chest, In Araumi’s ruins, In the underground ruins near Perpetual Mechanical Array. All these locations have different objectives that players have to complete for collecting the stones.
  • Once collected the stones and the quest is complete players can forge the sword with a blacksmith with 50 White Iron chunks, 50 Amethyst Lump, one Northlander Sword Billet, and 500 Mora.
  • Players can upgrade the sword to 6 stars by collecting the required resources.

Sword Stats

  • The sword is just like an ordinary sword with a low base attack but a higher ATK% for second ATK. It has a base attack of 454 with a 55.1% of sub stat attack bonus at level 90 (maximum).
  • The blade provides a Succession Seed after the player uses an Elemental Skill for 3 seconds. Players can only have three Succession Seeds that are consumed when Elemental Burst is used by players; this allows a character to regenerate 6 more energies for each seed use.

Suitable characters

New Cyro characters like Ayaka whose elemental burst requires a lot of energy can use Succession Seeds to regenerate energy and use it for Elemental Burst. One more benefit of this sword that can be enjoyed by this character is the Bonus ATK% for Second ATK to incur more damage on enemies. Characters like Jean and Electro Traveller who have low cooldown rates for elemental skills can use the benefit of stacking seeds for Elemental Seeds.

This Sword can be a good pick for these characters if players focus more on upgrading the sword for more damage and more energy regeneration.

Hopefully, this helped you know more about Amenoma Kageuchi in Genshin Impact. Be sure to also check out the best catalyst weapons in Genshin Impact as well.