Adopt Me Free Pets Hack – How To Get Free Pets in Roblox Adopt Me?

From Free Rewards To Mods, here are some of the quickest ways to get free pets in Adopt Me.

Having the best pets in Adopt Me requires a lot of grinding. But there are some of the top ways that let you have the best pets for free. I am going to share with you some of the tips that will reward you with free pets in Adopt Me. Also sharing some handy tips on how to get free bucks and how to find free pets via Rewards or Mods in Adopt Me.

How To Get Free Pets in Adopt Me?


Free Pets are available via Events, Rewards, and buy purchasing Eggs. These are the three best ways to get free pets in the game. I will explain them in detail to help you out with the same. Also, there is another shortcut, it is via Adopt Me script and mods. This can be a little tricky to apply because the game is online and can lead to an account ban. Still, I am going to share all the steps below and it’s on you which one to try.

Rewards & Starter Eggs

You can begin with starter eggs that are easy to find. This one is for new players, but you can retry this option. Find Sir Woofington at the nursery. You can get a free Starter Egg from the NPC. There is an objective attached to it, complete to hatch it. You will get one chance to pick between a dog and a cat. This is a starting way to get a free pet in the game. Another way is via Rewards.


Rewards are the simplest way of getting free pets in Adopt Me. Just log in every day to earn stars.  Every day you will be rewarded with some stars, collect them and go to Star Rewards Catalog. You can get free pets from here using the stars. Here are some of the pets you can buy using stars.

  • 210 – Ginger Cat
  • 400 – Toucan
  • 550 – Starfish
  • 660 – Golden Egg

Focus on getting Golden Eggs you grab a Golden edition of Unicorn, Dragon, and Griffin from the same. Another way is to buy pets using Robux which can be exchanged for real-world money. This is a straightforward purchase option to buy eggs. Here are a few more ways how to get free pets in Adopt Me.


  1. Open Event Boxes. You will earn exclusive currencies that can be exchanged for pets.
  2. Log in every day during special events for free eggs.
  3. Claim Cracked Eggs.

Adopt Me has Legendary, Ultra-Rare, Rare, Uncommon, and Common pets. They can be found randomly or via free eggs. There are certain mods and scripts that promise you free eggs, but there is no guarantee if it works or not.