PUBG Servers Are Too Busy Xbox Fix

Are you experiencing the "PUBG Servers Are Too Busy" error when trying to play the game on Xbox?

PUBG is a game that has gathered a massive following since its release. However, the game is not without its set of bugs and errors. Recently, Xbox players have been experiencing the “PUBG Servers are too busy” error. This error occurs when players are trying to get into a lobby or searching for a new match. Players looking for a fix to this error can go through our guide below.

How To Fix The PUBG Servers Are Too Busy Error For Xbox?



There are a number of issues that can cause this error for players. It can be quite frustrating when players are trying to join a new match but they cannot due to an error. This is why we have put together a list of solutions that players can try out to fix the “PUBG Servers Are Too Busy” error in Xbox.

Reset Modem


Often the simplest solutions can provide the fix to the problem. Players can try to reset their modem to see if that was the cause of the problem. Since this is the easiest solution and does not cause any permanent irreversible changes, it is the first fix players should try. All players have to do is unplug their modem for a few minutes and then plug it back in after 5 minutes. In addition, players can also try a hard reset on their modem by locating the button and pressing it.

Change The PUBG Server

If the above solution does not work, players can try to change their PUBG Server. Often overcrowded servers can cause issues for players and shifting to a different server can solve the issue. However, players shouldn’t be arbitrary when picking a new server. They should switch to a server that is geographically closer to them. Choosing a server with a lower ping rate can be crucial to having a lag-free experience.


Check Internet Ping & Speed

Players can check their Internet ping through a PC device. They can do this by opening the command prompt through the start up menu. Here, they can type in ping and press enter. If players get a reply for their request, this means that their Internet Connection is working properly. Another thing players might want to do is check their Internet speed. Sometimes, the speed might be slow and causing the “PUBG Servers Are Too Busy” error in Xbox.

Check PUBG Server Status Online


Players can also check the PUBG Server Status to ensure that the problem is not at end of the PUBG servers. To check the server status, players can go to Downdetector. This is a great site to check if other players in the server are also experiencing similar problems. In case the problem is occurring with a vast majority, players might have to wait for the PUBG developers to remedy the situation. For more details, check out PUBG Servers Down: How To Check Server Status?

Update PUBG

One of the last things that players can do to fix the “PUBG Servers Are Too Busy” error in Xbox is check for game updates. Sometimes, there might be updates and patches being introduced to the game that could cause issues like this. Therefore, players must make sure that their version of the game is completely updated.

Contact PUBG Support

These steps should ensure that players have a seamless, error-free experience. However, if players continue to experience problems, they should contact the Support team for PUBG. When contacting the team, players should mention all the fixes they have already tried to save time.

These are all the fixes that players can try t o fix the “PUBG Servers Are Too Busy” error in Xbox. For more PUBG guides, check out PUBG Mobile 90 FPS Supported Devices List




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