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All Bolt Action Rifles In PUBG and Their Damage (November 2022)

Looking For Pubg Mobile weapons guide. Here is a guide that will help you with all details on Bolt Action Rifle In PUBG.

PUBG Mobile is arguably one of the most popular games not only in India but also across the globe. The game has had players going wild for the rush and excitement of team play strategy and simply killing your opponent. What’s more amazing is the feeling of winning while killing your enemies with a headshot. And to do so one needs to have the right kind of weapons. Especially when you are planning to take your opponent down with a sniper rifle.

It can be tough to take down your enemy from a distance with just the help of SMGs and ARs since these can only shoot accurately to a certain distance. Enter sniper rifles may not do well in close and fast-paced combat but when it comes to long-range attacks it’s quite good. Since they require few bullets it makes quite a good Secondary Weapon for all.  There are two main types of sniper rifles in the game: bolt-action and DMR. And in this Pubg mobile guide, we will be giving you complete details on bolt action rifles in PUBG.

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Bolt Action Rifles (AR) In PUBG

This snipper rifle shoots only one round per trigger pull and the kill depends upon the kind of armor or gear your opponent has. The main objective of this Pubg sniper rifle is to get one shot hit but this is not always the case since variables such as the aim armor etc effects the shot kill rate chances.

The reason why this snipper rifle is called a bolt-action sniper rifle is that players have to manually move a bolt to chamber the next round. It’s a relatively slow process, but the mechanism also tends to make such weapons more accurate. These guns are useless in close combat fights. There are three types of bolt action rifles in PUBG. Let’s have a look at these three rifles and their specs.

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AWM: Arctic Warfare Magnum

Bolt Action Rifle In PUBG

This snipper rifle is one of the most powerful PUBG guns and can be retrieved from airdrops. This gun has the ability to get a headshot that will either kill your opponent or knock them out. Its amazing firepower and for sure kill or knock out rate makes this an idle choice for players that wish to get their opponents in long-range combat.

The firepower is also quite high and the gun uses 300 rounds which can also be found in airdrops. Players can add all Compensator, Silencer, Flash hider, extended mags attachments present for DMRs, and SRs will be mountable. Along with this, you can call attach a cheek pad to reduce vertical recoil while shooting. If you wish for a perfect kill then make sure that you have your opponent in your guns range of around 600 to 500 meters.


Bolt Action Rifle In PUBG

M24 is one of the rarest range of guns at the AWM. You may have a difficult time obtaining this sniper rifle since it is scattered around the map in extremely low numbers. While we talk and compare M24 with AWM it is the second-best option to use after it. The range of the gun is quite shorter compared to AWM but in the right hands will become a great weapon. Reason being that even an enemy with LVL 2 gears in the range of 150m will not be able to withstand the firepower. Withing 2 shots the opponent can be taken down if with a problem.

The reload speed of M24 is quite fast and uses around 7.62 mm rounds which is quite easy to find in the game. Also, attachments that are compatible with AWM also work well with M24. The only difference between AWM is the range and damage that it does on your enemies.

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Bolt Action Rifle In PUBG

Karabiner 98 Kurz aka Kar98 is one of the most common bolt action rifles in Pubg. This is available and scattered in great numbers all around the map. If you shoot your enemy with this gun in range of 100 meters and someone who has LVL  2 gears you will easily be able to knock them out.  But this will require at least 3 rounds of the shoot. Since the reload time is pathetically slow by the time you shoot your enemy 3 times it might have already reached a safe spot.

Not only this your hiding spot will also be found out alerting the enemy and giving them time to prepare. This will only cause you to be hunted down by them. In terms of attachments, the Kar98 will let you equip a suppressor, all kinds of scopes, and a cheek pad. The Kar98 also uses the abundantly available 7.62 mm rounds. These rounds will require you to load manually each. To help faster reload you can attach bullet loops to the gun which will neutralize one drawback of the gun.

This is all you need to know about Bolt Action Rifle In PUBG in our Pubg mobile weapons guide. While you are here also read our article on Best Pubg Mobile Players Around The World.