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Free Fire Thumbnail: How to Make An Attractive Image (2022)

Tips to make an appealing Free Fire Thumbnail

As the Battle Royale games like Garena Free Fire were introduced in the gaming market many young gamers are planning to become content creator for games. They even upload some videos on their channels but do not gain that ranks and feel demotivated. The reason for these low results is not only lack of unique content but lack of presentation while uploading the videos on their channels. Here are some factors related to the Youtube thumbnail that these budding content creators should keep in mind while uploading a video for games like Free Fire.

To make an lasting impression players should create unique content and also have an appealing thumbnail that attracts the viewers. Statistics say that almost every viewer on YouTube first checks the thumbnails of a video and decides whether to see the video or not. So, let’s get right into the tips.

How to Make a Good Free Fire Thumbnail for Youtube?

howto make attractive thumbnail ff

The most common mistake by content creators is not making attractive thumbnails for their videos. They focus more on creating unique game instances to attract viewers as they are unaware of the fact that for good results they also need a thumbnail that is displayed as the description for their whole video. Thumbnails also play an important and are often considered as a part of the video that forms the first impression of your video.

Keep it Short and Simple

Many YouTubers make their thumbnails messy which creates a bad impression on the viewer, making them scroll down and see other videos. To attract viewers use catchy phrases of the game like one-shot kills or write some unique instances of the game like 26 kills or 40 kills by a solo player or a solo v/s squad matches, that attract users to see your skills in the game.

Catchy Image

A picture speaks a thousand words; this is applied to your thumbnail also for a good thumbnail with text use an appealing image that explains what your video is about. Unlike Google, YouTube also searches the thumbnail for the relevance of the quarries asked by their users. Appealing thumbnails can be more relevant to gain more views.

Create a Brand of your own

For making a mark in content creation you have to create a brand of your own from the initial stages of your streaming. Create a catchy logo and a name for your channel. Add these in your thumbnail to create brand awareness. You can add in the corners where it can be seen by your viewers.

Keep it Vibrant

It is recommended to use radiant colors for blue, yellow, green, and orange. You can also choose a different color scheme according to your taste. While choosing color schemes for the thumbnail choose different colors from competitors. For in-game images use higher graphics in the game to have sharp textures.

Apps to Make FF Youtube Thumbnails

For creating some good thumbnails there are many apps available on the internet. The best Apps for creating a Thumbnail are:

  • Canva
  • Adobe Express: Graphic Design
  • Fotor
  • Pixelcut

These editor apps can help you create a good and appealing thumbnail. Since you are trying to become a content creator do check our guide how to increase speed in Free Fire.