How to Get a Shield in Free Fire (FF)

Free fire has launched a Character with a new Shield skill that can help you on the battlefield.

Free Fire is a Multiplayer Battle Royale game and has been globally successful. They have previously launched characters such as K and Alok with abilities to provide an insane amount of Healing power. But these abilities can’t protect or provide a Shield to the players. But the wait is over, Free Fire has launched a character that provides a Shield Skill Dome to protect the player to some extent. Let’s see which is the best way to get it.

shield in free fire
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How to Get Chrono & His Shield Skill In Free Fire (FF)

This Character in Free Fire is inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo and is named Chrono. As the character arrived at the FF Event the players started to purchase it, especially because of it’s Shield skill. Chrono has an ability that is known as a Time-Turner. When the Time-Turner is activated, it gives the ability to create a Shield Dome around the player which can block up to 600 Damages from the Enemies. The Cooldown is of 50 seconds. Time Turner also has the ability to Buff the Base Movement of the player by 15% with a Cooldown of 50 seconds. After leveling up the ability, the movement can be Buffed by 30%, with a Cooldown of 40 seconds. Here’s how you can get Shield Skill in FF.

As we all know in the Free fire special Event, to purchase the Chrono character you just had to top up 100 Diamonds, but unfortunately, the Event has ended. And the price has been raised, but if you haven’t bought it yet, then you can just follow these ways and try to get it.


  • Buy Bundles – If you want many exclusive items along with the Chrono character. There’s a package Bundle available in the in-game store. Which you can purchase for 2,750 Diamonds, and obtain the Chrono’s Shield skill.
  • Wait For The Next Special Event – After the Event ended the price of the Chrono character was raised to 599 diamonds, due to the high demand, especially for its Shield Skill. As the Free Fire is very popular game and Garena is always trying to target new players. It is obvious that they will again offer a new special event soon. In which you’ll be able to buy the Chrono character for much less than 599 Diamonds. So just keep looking for the upcoming special events.
  • Spin Bundle – This is also a way to get the Chrono and his Shield skill only if you’re lucky enough. Where you can just Spin the Spin Bundle for 20 Diamonds per round. And try to obtain it.
  • Purchase Directly – If you can’t wait and are very eager to use the Shield Skill. Then you can just go to the in-game Store and purchase the character directly with your Diamonds.

These are some ways from which you can get the Shield Skill in the Free Fire. If you are curious to see how the FF maps look in real life, here’s an article you will like.