How To Get Free Gun Skins In Free Fire? – A Complete Guide

Here are the three ways to get free gun skins in Free Fire.

Free Fire is a well-known mobile battle royale for reasons known to all. Aside from the basic gameplay, it has a lot to offer. The game’s beauty lies in its iconic characters, pet skins, rare items, and, most significantly, exclusive weapon skins.

Though all of these elements are needed by any Free Fire fan, the one thing that players crave is weapon skins. As a result, this article will show you how to get free gun skins in Free Fire.

Free Fire Gun Skins

As you may well know, gun skins are not only attractive, but they also improve the character’s stats, which is a significant advantage in the game. Typically, these skins must be purchased using diamonds obtained from gun crates, and even diamonds must be purchased with actual money.

However, spending money isn’t the only choice because there are means to get them for free. No, I’m not referring to the spammyFree Fire skin generators, but to the legit alternatives outlined below.

Here are three legit ways to obtain Free Fire gun skins:

1. Free Diamonds

Because every unique item in the game can be bought with diamonds, it is reasonable to try to obtain diamonds in bulk for free. There are two ways to do so.

  1. Google Opinion Rewards – This is a reward-based platform in which you just need to complete simple activities such as surveys. When you finish the task, your Google Play balance will be credited with real money. You may spend the money to buy diamonds and, eventually, gun skins.
  2. Custom Rooms & Giveaways – Many Free Fire content creators host giveaways and custom rooms on YouTube. Participate in those and you may get lucky with rewards and even diamonds again which can be used to buy gun skins in Free Fire.

How to get diamonds for free in Free Fire is covered in detail by us, do check it.

2. Rank-Up Rewards

Surpass the tiers to receive several ranked-up gifts. In the current ranked season, players that achieve Gold 1 will receive the AN94 – S21 Exclusive: Hayato “Firebrand.”

3. Events

Garena is always on the watch for one reason, or perhaps none, to host events in Free Fire repeatedly. These events offer special goodies including gun skins. One event, Regional Battle S7 is currently live and it came bearing tons of weekly rewards including Green and Yellow Poker MP40 skins. Check out the article and see how to get your hands on them.

That’s all about getting free gun skins in Free Fire. Ensure to bookmark the Free Fire category to stay updated with everything new taking place in the game.