How to Download Free Fire (OB33) Under 50 MB In February 2022?

You must follow this amazing hack that will let you download the substantial Free Fire OB33 just under 50 MB. Scroll below for more details.

If you are a person of high enthusiasm and craving for some adventure and stimulation then, Free Fire is your ultimate and most satisfying alternative. This survival shooter is the most famous Mobile Royal Battle Genre title relished by the gaming community everywhere in the world.

Garena Free Fire is a game that brings players a delightful gaming landscape all big ups to its intellectual in-game elements, features, visual design, odd bit events, epic crossovers, and much more to jot down. In-game elements include pets, skins, costumes, cosmetics, and most importantly characters with distinct traits.


The developer of the game has just released a Free Fire OB33 update. There is no denying that the latest update (OB33) has taken the world of gaming on fire but there are fans who are unable to download the Free Fire OB33 because of their low storage device.

Ever since the Free Fire OB33 update was released, there are tons of players who have been searching on the internet ‘How to download Free Fire new update under 50 MB’? and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered.

How To Download Free Fire New Update (OB33) Under 50 MB


On September 28, 2021, Garena rolled out a new update called Free Fire OB33. It won’t be wrong to say that players were very much eager and excited to try out the new features and elements introduced in the game. Even this time Garena creators didn’t fail to wow the Free Fire ardent lovers by adding fresh patches.

But blessed are those who have adequate space on their device and can conveniently download/update the Free Fire OB33 Variant despite the file size occupying up to 720 Mb of storage space on their device. The size of the APK and OBB files of FF OB33 are more than 50 MB and 650 MB, respectively.

Players who don’t have or can’t create 750 Mb of space on their mobile phones are the ones who suffer as they are not able to play this fascinating game. Such players explore the net to figure out how to download Free Fire-new updates under 50 MB. If you are one such ardent Free Fire player then you might found a certain way around it with this guide.


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Your quest to how to download Free Fire game under 50 MB ends with the following hacks, you can easily download the Free Fire OB33 APK file.

  • APK files are much smaller in size and one can download them by clicking here.
  • In addition, if you’d like to play the game on your device, you will have to download the Free Fire New Update OBB file, for which you will have to spare 400-500 Mb data.


And yet, if you wish for Free Fire OBB game under 50 MB, then here’s another solution that works pretty well.

  • Find another Free Fire player that uses an Android mobile phone. Also, this player must be having the Free Fire OB33 updated/installed.
  • Now you and another Free Fire player must install File Share Apps to transfer the Free Fire OBB file to your mobile from his device.
  • Move the OBB file to your device’s internal storage –>Android –> OBB folder.
  • Install the Free Fire APK that you just downloaded under 50 MB.

Bear in mind, this solution only serves Android users, as there are no alternatives to sharing applications on iOS. 

You are set to play Free Fire without giving up huge storage space.

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