Tips To Clutch Matches In Free Fire MAX

Here are some tips players can use when clutching a squad in FF MAX.

Free Fire MAX is a survival game where solo players or teams take on other squads and players. They must be the last ones standing in the game to win. However, this can become quite difficult if a player is the only one left on their squad. It puts them at quite a big tactical disadvantage and clutching a whole squad might seem like a daunting task. That being said, there are a few tips and tricks players can employ to clutch matches in Free Fire MAX. We have listed them below.

How To Clutch Matches In Free Fire MAX?


Players that are new to Free Fire MAX often lose hope when they are faced with 1v4 situations. However, it is not impossible to clutch matches and get the Booyah in these circumstances. Players will need to be patient and accurate with their skills but the rewards are worth the hustle. So, without wasting any more time, let us check out some tips and tricks to clutch matches in Free FireMAX.


This is one of the top skills required to succeed in clutching squads. If players miss their shots when they take them, the chances of them succeeding in clutching a squad fall drastically. This is why players should work on improving their aim and accuracy. They can also get familiar with close-range weapons in training as these are the weapons most useful during a clutch situation. Players only get a few chances to take out their opponents during a face-off and they should make sure that they do not miss.

Precise Movement

Players cannot be lax about their movement when trying to evade opponents and take them out. To improve, players can also adjust their HUD layout as per their preference apart from training hard. The training mode is excellent to work on the movement skills as it provides insights in real-time during a match.

Choose The Right Weapons

While there are a multitude of weapons to choose from in Free Fire MAX, players should opt for weapons that can cause substantial damage at close range. Shotguns are especially effective in getting one-shot kills  that can bail players out of tight spots.

Use Knockouts As Bait

If players knockout an enemy, they can use it to their advantage and eliminate their whole squad. Teammates of the knocked out opponent will try to revive their teammate. This is the time where players can press their advantage and pick out the other teammates. However, players will have to be quick in their movement and accurate in their aiming to make use of this opportunity.

Divide Opposing Team

This is an extension of the earlier point. Players should use distractions to divide the opposing teams and eliminate them. In order to do this, players can use the different grenades available in the game to their advantage. If players are sure of their opponents location, they can throw a frag grenade in their direction to cause damage and possibly knock them out. In case players are caught in a tight spot, they can use the smoke grenade to cause a distraction. In addition, players can use gloo walls to shield against enemies.

Heal Consistently

While it may be tempting to carry on with the game on half life, players should keep healing themselves to full health consistently. In a situation where players are facing multiple opponents simultaneously, they will sustain damage. To ensure that this damage does not lead to a knockout or an elimination, players must keep on using health items to maintain it.

These are all the tips and tricks a player can use to clutch matches in Free Fire MAX. For more gaming guides, check out Free Fire MAX Tips To Improve Zone Rotations