Best Non-Airdrop Guns In Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) – Oct 2021

Players can get weapons from air-drop and other players in BGMI. Here's a list of best non-airdrop guns in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

The full version of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been released and the race to get air-drop guns and items is getting intense.BGMI heavily relies on the guns you use and how well you use them. While some guns like Groza can only be obtained through air-drops, there are many good guns which you can get yourself. Here’s a list of the best non-airdrop guns you can get in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

Top 5 Non-Air Drop Guns In Battlegrounds Mobile India

Here’s a list of the best guns you don’t need to wait for the airdrop to get.

1. Thompson

non-airdrop thompson
An SMG with a damage of 40 should be on your list. Thompson has some recoil issues but players can use vertical firm grip to make it more stable. The gun can carry 30 bullets and with an extended mag, the capacity can be increased to 50. Thompson uses .45 ACP ammo which is a bit difficult to find but apart from that, the gun is a must-have.

2. DP-28

non-airdrop DP28
DP-28 is one of the most stable guns in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Players might feel very minimal recoil that too if they are standing while using the gun. DP-28 uses the 7.62 mm ammo and you won’t need to use any attachments with it. With no recoil and damage equivalent to M249 DP-28 becomes a very good weapon to wield. The only problem with DP-28 is it takes very long to reload the gun.

3. M416

non-airdrop M416
Arguably one of the best weapons in Battlegrounds Mobile India is M416. The USP of the gun is its versatility and how it is one of the best in short-range, mid-range, and long-range as well. M416 uses the 5.56 mm ammo and has a damage of 43 which makes it very deadly. One of the best assault rifles in the is a bit rare to get but when you get it you will surely be unstoppable.

4. Scar-L

non-airdrop Scar L
Scar-L has 43 damage making it similar to M416 but Scar-L is more stable. The gun has very little recoil but the number of bullets fire per second is less than M416 which is why it is preferred in mid and short-range and not long-range. The gun uses the 5.56 ammo and is very available in abundance in Pochinki.

5. M762

non-airdrop M762
M762 is another good assault rifle you should get your hands on. While the damage per bullet is slightly less than AKM it fires more bullets to match up to the total damage. M762 can carry 30 bullets and with an extension, the capacity can be extended to 40 bullets also. The gun uses 7.62 ammo which isn’t difficult to find and the recoil is also very minimal.

This was our list of the best non-airdrop weapons you can get in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Getting a good gun in the air-drop is very luck-based. This list is for the days when you get unlucky or don’t want to depend on luck. The list is subjective and completely based on our BGMI experience. While many of you might agree or disagree with the list we would recommend you to at least try all the guns mentioned above.

That’s all for this one, do check out the article to know the Best guns in Battlegrounds Mobile India.