BGMI Lite APK Download Links Are Fake or Real?

Here is a guide to clear all the confusion about fake BGMI Lite APK links.

After the ban of PUBG Mobile in India, Krafton launched Battleground India (BGMI) in July 2021. It got a great fan base from all the PUBG players. But as the developers have launched only the android version of it.

There are many fans who are now waiting desperately for the BGMI Lite Launch in India. Krafton launched BGMI in July 2021 for Android since then a lot of users are looking links to download BGMI Lite. They are in search of every possible way to somehow get the link for the same.

The iOS version is not available on Apple App Store or anywhere else for even a pre-registration. Krafton has not done any announcement regarding the launch of the same.

As the developers of the game aren’t talking anything about it there are very thin chances of a lighter version to be released in India. Krafton hasn’t announced anything but there are fake links on the internet for the game which does not exist.

People should stop spreading these false links as it’s illegal. And if anyone is giving try on these links then it’s at their own risk. These links might put your devices at the risk of viruses which you obviously don’t want.

It’s not just websites that are spreading this misinformation about the links to download BGMI Lite APK. There are few YouTube channels that are also giving false hope to the people. There are videos and articles that are provoking players to download the compressed version of BGMI with the pretext of BGMI Lite. Though none of those videos, links, or articles are true.

That’s all about BGMI Lite APK Download fake links. Do not fall for any such websites, links, or videos which might damage your device. Wait for the official announcement by the developers. For all the android users have a look at our another article on Top 5 Best Landing Spots in BGMI.