Top 5 Best landing Spots in BGMI (2023)

The main goal of every player is to push their rank up in the game. Know about the top 5 safe landing spots in BGMI.

The main goal of the players in BGMI is to Push rank and climb up the leaderboard. The new season of BGMI is out and players are competing against each other to reach the top of the leaderboard. Every player has his own way of playing the game.

Some like to just fight the early battles whereas there will be people who will completely ignore it. For rank push, every player needs a good amount of loot with some survival skills which can be done by landing on safe spots.

BGMI: Best 5 Places To Land For Safe Rank Push

Landing Spots

List of few safest landing spots in BGMI where you will get a lot of loot and will get to avoid early fights.

Quarry (Erangel)

The quarry is the safest landing spot for the map of Erangel. Here they will also find enough amount of loot that will help them in upcoming matches of the game. Players will hardly find anyone here for an early fight.

Impala (Miramar)

Impala is the best location to land on the Miramar map. Players will find a high amount of loot here and players have to be ready for fights in later stages on this location.

Kampong (Sanhok)

Sanhok is known to be the smallest map in the game. As it’s small in size players will face heated fights in this area. Because of the small area, it’s difficult to find a safe spot on this map. Kampong is the place on the map where you can expect lesser fights in the early stages of the game.

El Azahar (Miramar)

El Azahar is situated in the center of the Miramar map. As it’s the center of the map it’s very easy to find and reach. It also has a decent amount of loot and this turns out to be an easier location when it comes to zone rotations.

Water Town (Erangel)

After the quarry, Water Town is the second safest landing spot on the map of Erangel. Players are hardly likely to find any enemies and get into any fights in this area.

Therefore all the players in this area can do their loot in peace and prepare for the upcoming fights.

These are all the safe landing spots in BGMI which players can use to push their ranks up. To know about How To Fix Ping And Lag Issues? Read our article on the same.