BGMI Banned Accounts: Krafton Permanently Bans Accounts For Cheating

Krafton has been quite strict about its anti-cheating policy in BGMI

Krafton has been relentless in its pursuit to make BGMI a fair playing ground for all its players. Earlier, the game banned over 60K accounts for cheating and using unfair means to win in BGMI.

Now, Krafton has once more banned a large number of accounts for similar reasons. Find out how many BGMI accounts have been banned in the latest purge.


How Many BGMI Accounts Has Krafton Banned?


Krafton has gone on the offensive against hackers and cheaters in BGMI. 51853 accounts have been permanently banned by Krafton as they were suspected of cheating to get ahead in the game. In addition, the developers have even released a full list of the accounts suspended. This is yet another admirable move by the developers that hackers and cheaters stop ruining the gaming experience for all BGMI players.


Here’s what Krafton had to say about this latest strike:


51,853 accounts were permanently banned from Apr 18 ~ Apr 24.


We would also like to present you the entire list of cheaters who have tried to ruin our Battlegrounds.

*Click to see (or Click to download)

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA will strive to implement strong sanctions with the ultimate goal of eradicating the use of illegal programs in order to provide you a pleasant gaming environment.




Krafton has been proactively monitoring the game for signs of unfair play and cheating. Since cheaters and hackers can totally damage the gaming experience for players that are trying to win the game fairly, weeding them out is quite important for the developers.

Why Does Krafton Ban BGMI Accounts?

Hackers and Cheaters often implement cheating tools like auto aim bots or health restore hacks to stay ahead of other players. Krafton also bans players that use unauthorized 3rd-party program to log into the game if it changes the client file data. Players can also be banned for using an unofficial game client or promoting unauthorized sites promising rewards to other players.

To ensure a healthy gaming environment, Karftom also bans accounts that have a history of turning on their teammates repeatedly. In the same vein, players that team up with other players that are not a part of their team also run the risk of getting banned.

Therefore, players that want to keep enjoying BGMI uninterrupted must avoid such practices. That is all about the BGMI banned accounts. Learn more about Krafton’s anti-cheating stance with BGMI: Anti Cheat Status.