Titans Season 3 Episode 4: Release Date & Time And Where To Watch

Here's the Release date and time of Titans season 3 episode 4 and all other episodes of the season and where to watch all the episodes.

Titans is the DC superhero show that follows the journey of Teen Titans that includes the likes of Robin, Nightwing, Raven, and Beastboy. The first 2 seasons have been epic and with Joker and Red Hood joining in the 3rd season, the hype is over the roof for Titans season 3. Here’s the release date and time for the rest of the episodes of Titans season 3 and where to watch them.

Where To Watch Titans Season 3 Episode 4?

Fans can watch Titans season 3 episode 4 on HBO Max by getting a premium subscription to the streaming service. The first 2 seasons of Titans are available on HBO but from the 3rd season, Titans became an HBO Max exclusive. Unfortunately, this means that fans in countries where HBO Max isn’t available yet won’t be able to watch Titans season 3.

Titans Season 3 Episode 4 Release Date And Release Time

The creators have only released 3 episodes today and will be releasing the other 10 episodes weekly. All the shows and movies are released on HBO Max at 12 am PDT. Titans season 3 episode 4 is titled “Blackfire” and it will be released at 12 am PDT on 19th august and the upcoming episodes will also be released on 12 am PDT.

Titans Season 3 Episodes Release Schedule

Titans Season 3 will have a total of 13 episodes. Here are release dates for all the episodes of Titans Season 3

Episodes Release Date
Episode 1 12th August 2021
Episode 2 12th August 2021
Episode 3 12th August 2021
Episode 4 19th August 2021
Episode 5 26th August 2021
Episode 6 2nd September 2021
Episode 7 9th September 2021
Episode 8 16th September 2021
Episode 9 23rd September 2021
Episode 10 30th September 2021
Episode 11 7th October 2021
Episode 12 14th October 2021
Episode 13 21st October 2021


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