Loki Episode 6: Who Is The Kang The Conqueror Or “He Who Remains”

Loki episode 6 reveled who is behind TVA. Here's all about "He who remains" or Kang and how it affects the future of MCU movies and shows.

All the 5 episodes of Loki build-up to the man behind the curtain who runs the TVA. In episode 4 Loki and Sylvie find out that the Time Masters are just mindless androids and someone else is behind the TVA. In episode 6 (finale) we finally find out who is the man behind the curtain, “He who remains”. We would like to warn the fans that we’ll be diving deep into the spoilers for Loki episode 6. Consider this as a final spoiler warning and advance further at your own risk.

Who is “He who remains” or Kang the conqueror?

In episode 6 Loki and Slyve finally meet the man behind the curtain, the one behind the TVA. Miss minutes calls him “he who remains” but comic book fans will identify him as Kang the Conqueror. He who remains explains to Loki and Sylvie how he created the TVA to stop variants of himself traveling through time and create more timelines. It all goes way back to when a variant of himself learned about the multiverse and decide to conqueror them all. He who remains or Kang made it very clear that it’s not him but variants of him they should be concerned about. As of now, the sacred timeline is intact but anything can happen if any variant of Kang showed up.

Apart from this the show does justice to all the other characters including Loki and Sylvie. The conversation also explores all of them are villains from someone’s perspective and all of them have done bad things at some point what matters is what you do now. Loki has also been renewed for another season so fans will be getting a Loki season 2 soon.

Future Of Kang The Conqueror Or “He Who Remains” In The MCU

He who remains is set to be either one of the big bad of the MCU or the catalyst going forward. Kang is expected to follow in the footsteps of Thanos and fans will be seeing his upcoming projects as well. Jonathan Majors who players He who remains or Kang is already scheduled to appear in Ant-Man 3.

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