Are Apex Legends Servers Down?

Players are getting the "Unable To Connect To EA Servers" error in Apex Legends. Here's how players can fix this Apex Legends Error.

Apex Legends players are used to the server issues be it PC o PS4. Most of the time the issue arises after an update as many players want to check out the new update which ends up overloading the server. Let’s see how to check if there’s a server issue and how to fix the Apex Legends server issue.

Apex Legends Unable To Connect To EA Server Issue

Apex fans have been bombarding Twitter with tweets mentioning how they aren’t able to play the game. Tweets are coming in from across the globe which means that players in most of the regions are getting the error.

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Players are getting the “Unable to connect to EA server” error every time they launch the game. Most of the tweets are from PS4 users, as of now there isn’t any clarity on which platform has a high probability of getting the server issue.

Respawn, the developers of the game have acknowledged the issue by Tweeting from their official handle. In the Tweet, they have mentioned that they are actively working towards solving the issue finding the reason behind it.

How To Fix Unable To Connect To EA Server Error

Most of the time it is the servers being overburdened that cause the error. Follow the below-mentioned steps to fix the error.

  • Players should check their internet connection and run a speed test, sometimes it is our internet connection or router is the real culprit.
  • Try changing the server. Most of the time this should fix the problem as servers being overburdened or overcrowded is the root cause of the error. Players can check various websites like to know the health and crowd in all the servers of Apex legends.
  • When you encounter an error or server issue check the official Twitter handle of Respawn or Apex. The developers are quick to realize and address if there is any server issue in the game.