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Who Is Rhapsody In Apex Legends Mobile

Want to take a peek at the new Legend in Apex Legends Mobile? Check this guide out.

The second season of Apex Legends Mobile is out and the players can’t keep it in. Season 2 is named Distortion and amidst this, the developers have released a new legend in the mobile version of the game. The new addition to the list of Legends is named Rhapsody and in this guide, you will know all about her in Apex Legends Mobile.

Rhapsody in Apex Legends Mobile

Rhapsody in Apex Legends Mobile

Rhapsody is a Support Legend in Apex Legends Mobile and has a backstory too, to begin with. Initially, Rhapsody was a music producer and used to create groundbreaking music with her rebellious heart, until one day when things pointed south and she landed as a Legend in the Apex games. Her companion, Rowdy Robot, is a speaker and is with her at all times. Rowdy was engineered by her mother who was an AI engineer.

Well, the players must know that Rhapsody is exclusive to the mobile version of Apex Legends. And whether or not she comes to the PC and Consoles version is not specified by the developers yet. So, for now, you can play this Legend in the mobile version only.

Being a Support Legend, her abilities are superb and can boost the team’s performance if used in the right manner. Have a look at her abilities below.

  • Gifted Ear (Passive)
  • Hype Anthem (Tactical)
  • Rowdy’s Rave (Ultimate)

Gifted Ear

Gifted Ear is Rhapsody’s Passive Ability. With this ability, she can sense the sound vibrations from afar. Not only that, she can listen to the sounds and make an estimate of the source from where the sound is coming. Not any opponent can stay hidden for long now.

Hype Anthem

Hype Anthem is her Tactical Ability. While using this ability, Rhapsody plays an uplifting music track that boosts the movement speed of her teammates for a while. Apart from that, the music also regenerates shields.

Rowdy’s Rave

Rowdy’s Rave is Rhapsody’s Ultimate Ability. Using this ability, her companion, Rowdy, creates a wall of flashing lights that protects the players from being in sight or scanned.

Rhapsody makes a perfect candidate for stealth gameplay and her abilities will keep you one step ahead in the battle. Claim this legend as soon as possible and play with Rhapsody in Apex Legends Mobile.

This is all you need to know about Rhapsody in Apex Legends Mobile. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can feel free to check out other similar guides such as How to Use Finishers in Apex Legends Mobile and How to Unlock all Legends.