Top 7 Uncensored Anime To Watch In January 2022

Here are top 7 uncensored anime movies for you.

There are fans of the Japanese anime characters and the storyline created by them. Anime is very captivating once you start getting into it. There is no end to it. The majority of Anime movies or series are usually made keeping the age of maximum viewers which are kids in the age group of 8 to 12. But what about the adults who also love the Anime and want to see some uncensored Anime content?

Storylines with more romance, horror, action, or more. For all the adult Anime fans we have compiled a list of the top 7 uncensored Anime movies and series that you can watch right now. Pick your favorite uncensored Anime from the list and have fun!

List Of Uncensored & Ecchi Anime Movies and Series – 2022

1) Shinmai Mao no Testament

Shinmai Mao no Testament

Shinmai Mao no Testament is popularly known for its English title ‘The Testament Of New Sister Devil’. The author of this Uncensored series of novels is Tetsuto Uesou. Released in 2015, it is a story is of a boy and his two demon step-sisters. The name of the main character is Basara, who is a Highschool Student.

Basara’s father decides to marry again one day and bring him, two step-sisters. The name of his sisters are ‘Mio and Maria‘. As some time passes Basara finds out that his step-sisters are demons of a clan. Watch the series and find out how Basara manages to save himself from them.

2) Berserk


This uncensored Anime Series is all about a boy called “Gut” and his fortune father “Griffith”. It was released way back in 1989 and still running. There are a total of 40 Volumes are out so far. The Gut is a child who is born from the belly of a woman who was hanged to death.

He grows up on his own into a very violent lone mercenary. On the way of his journey, he meets Griffith who is a leader of a mercenary band called “Band of the Hawk”. Griffith successfully defeats Gut and forcefully makes him join his band.

Later in the story Gut fall in love with a girl called ‘Caska“. In one of the battles with hawks, Griffiths gets imprisoned and there he falls in love with Princess Charlotte and somehow ends up being a king of Capital Falconia. The story continues as Gut changes into a gentleman. This uncensored Anime is a pack full of action, romance, and thrill which will keep you through its all 40 Volumes.

3) Sekirei


Sekirei is a romantic comedy, supernatural, Harem, Anime running from December 2004 till 2015. Minata is a little guy who is constantly failing in all his academic exams. He is failing in all his examinations due to his fear of exams. Everyone including his family and friends is bullying him for being a loser.

Do not go on his grades, Minata is a very intelligent boy whose qualities are hidden from the world. One day he meets a girl called “Musubi” and she falls in love with him.

As time passes, Minata realizes that Musubi s not an ordinary girl. She is a Sekirei. For the unversed, Sekirei is the person who is less than aliens but the one who has a superpower or super abilities. She was found by two school students living in the same village. Musubi has chosen Minata as her Ashikabi.

Ashikabi is a person whose kiss will double the superpowers of the Sekirei. Watch the series to know more about their love story.

4) Nana


The story of this uncensored Anime is about two girls who stud up on their own feet by doing their piece of struggle. The name of these characters is ‘Osaka and Hachi’. Osaka wants to become a famous pop singer in Tokyo city. So she decides to go there with her boyfriend who is a singer in one of the famous band called Trapnest. But later when she realizes that if she does so, she will just remain like a housewife and will not be able to achieve her goal.

When she decides to live on her own and leaves for Tokyo she meets a girl named Hachi on a train. They loved each other’s company when they spoke throughout the journey to Tokyo that they decided to rent an apartment together in Tokyo.

Hachi comes from a very pampered background. She has been pampered all her life had not had to worry about anything ever. She wanted to go to Tokyo to be with her friends who are pursuing education in the Arts.

To see the journey of these two girls to success and their love life check this Anime out.

5) Mnemosyne


There is a tree called Yggdrasil in Tokyo that bears weird fruits in this uncensored Anime. These fruits are called “Time Fruits”. Any female who eats this fruit will become immortal whereas every male who consumes this will turn into a winged angel. Rin is the main character in the series who is a guardian of the holy Yggdrasil tree. And the Series is based on her life and her struggle throughout.

Rin with her friend Mimi has a small Investigating Agency in Tokyo. Later in the series, it’s shown that she loses her memory and then gains it again because of the assassin Laura. The whole life story is portrayed in the series. In the end, Rin’s baby becomes the next guardian of the Yggdrasil tree.

6) High School DXD

High School DXD

The high school DXD is one of the most-watched uncensored Animes that is based on a high school boy turned into a Demon. Issie is a brat in the school who is not liked by girls. No girl in the school wants to date him. One day he gets asked out by a beautiful girl and he says yes for a date.

On the date, he gets killed by that girl. Later he comes to know that he was brought to life again by the same girl who is a fallen fairy. See the brat Issie who was once hated by all the girls becomes a gentleman. He helps everyone and does all the good work and becomes the demon king.

7) Prison School

Prison school

The story of this uncensored Anime starts with a Girls High School with very strict rules. Here any girl is not allowed to date any guy under any circumstances. If found they will be punished. Later the school management decides to enroll boys as well in the high school. Here the main story starts.

Now boys are in school but you can’t date them! Five boys got enrolled into the school, soon all the girls started getting swayed by them and vise versa.

One day these boys were caught spying on the girl’s toilet. These boys were punished with imprisonment and tiring work. The punishment was decided by the secret committee in the school. The head of this committee is the Principal’s daughter. See how these boys are tortured while falling in love with the high school girls.

That’s all about the top 7 uncensored Anime movies and series. If you liked the Anime that we have mentioned here, be sure to visit this page from time to time as we will keep you updated with additional Anime in the times to come.