AFK Arena The Ancient Ruins Guide: Peak Of Time Realm 5

AFK Arena The Ancient Ruins Guide: Here is a complete guide on one of the best and the trickiest maps in Peak Of Time Realm 5.

AFK Arena The Ancient Ruins is one of the most tricky maps that you will have to solve in the Peaks of Time. POT in the AFK arena are puzzles that lead players to find all treasure chests on the map. While many players have been having some difficulty in solving this particular map, We have decided to make on guide on how to solve the puzzle with the help of our simple tips and trick guide.

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The Ancient Ruins Guide: Peak Of Time Realm 5

Before we jump into the tips and tricks of how to solve the map let’s first check out some pointers that you must keep in mind.

  1. When you are forming your team make sure that you avoid adding characters that belong to the group of Wilders heroes. The reason behind this is that they will not be of much help since you will be fighting against enemies that are Maulers.
  2. Maulers Heroes will be an ideal choice for you guys to deal with Ulmus matches.
  3. If you are unable to defeat the 5x Ulmus team and this repeats in the second try and the next few tires then go ahead and restart the chapter. By doing so you will be able to get better Relics that will help you in battle.

How To Complete The Ancient Ruins In AFK Arena?

Here are the steps that you will have to follow to complete the ruins without any difficulty.

  1. Aim for the weakest camps first to strengthen your teams.
  2. Keep in mind to not aim for camps that are below the chest if you are not strong enough. Since these camps are very tough you will first have to focus on increasing your strength.
  3. Trigger the yellow lever then clear all camps.
  4. Pull the blue lever to pull all yellow levers again.
  5. If you go to the portal at  9 o’clock, you will get to the point at the far bottom right side of the map.
  6. Here you will find some camps which you must defeat and get through them.
  7. Once you have cleared all camps you can go ahead and pull the green lever.
  8. Now comes the toughest part of the map and that is going to the portal at 3 o’clock to fight the  Ulmus x5 team. Use Mauler heroes against them.
  9.  Once you have gotten almost all the chest go ahead and pull the yellow lever. This will teleport you near a camp clear that.
  10. After this pull the blue lever and repeat the same thing.
  11. Now pull the Red lever and clear the camp.

Check out the video given below to get a better understanding of the guide:

By doing so you will successfully be able to complete the AFK Arena The Ancient Ruins map in Peak Of Time Realm 5. While here you may also like our guide on  Best Team Formation In AFK Arena 2021.