How To Check Your Valorant Purchase History? (2022)

Valorant does not have an in-game feature to check purchase history

Valorant is a massively popular first-person shooter game. The game is free-to-play but it does offer a lot of content that players might want to spend on. One such item is the in-game skins that are quite popular with players. However, sometimes players may go overboard and spend more they intended to. This can be easily avoided if players check their Valorant purchase history. The problem is that a lot of players do not know how to access it. In today’s article, we will tell you how to check the purchase history in Valorant.

Check Your Valorant Purchase History


Valorant does not have an in-game feature that would allow players to check their Valorant purchase history. However, there is an easy way for players to see their purchases in Valorant. Follow the steps below to do this:

  • Visit the official Riot Games website.
  • Go to the Player Support option.
  • Select Valorant from the list of Riot Games.

Valorant Purchase History 2


  • Next, select the Purchase History option. The site will ask players to log into their Riot account. Once players have logged in they can select the “Get Your Purchase History” option.

Valorant Purchase History 1

  • Players will now be able to see their purchase history.


Can Players Get Refunds In Valorant?

Another important question that players have is how they can get refunds in Valorant. However, there are a few stipulation for players looking to get refunds in Valorant. First, the purchased content must obviously be unused in order to be eligible for refund. In addition, players need to refund within 14 days of the purchase. Beyond that Valorant will not entertain refund requests.  Moreover, there are a few items that cannot be refunded in Valorant. Non-refundable items include: Agent contract levels, Premium Battle pass, Premium Battle pass levels, Weapon skin levels, Radianite points, and Bundles. Meanwhile, refundable items include Valorant points and Weapon Skins.

This is how players can check their purchase history and get a refund in Valorant. For more such content, check out How To Check Your Purchase History On Steam?