Langrisser Mobile Tier List And Reroll Guide (January 2023)

Players can choose from all the characters of Langrisser franchise. Here is the tier list ranking all the characters in Langrisser.

Langrisser is a long-running fantasy action franchise, and with the release of the Langrisser mobile game, the fandom has been re-ignited. The mobile game features familiar faces from the Langrisser franchise, which is the highlight of the game. With all the popular Langrisser characters at your fingertips, it becomes difficult to choose. Here is the tier list ranking of all the characters in Langrisser, along with the reroll guide.

Langrisser Mobile Characters Tier List – January 2023

All the characters in Langrisser are divided into five tiers S+, S, A, B, and C, with S+ being the strongest and C being the weakest. Here is the tier-wise ranking of all the characters in Langrisser mobile.

S+ Tier Characters In Langrisser

  • Leon
  • Liana
  • Ledin
  • Tiaris

S Tier Characters In Langrisser

  • Bozel
  • Cherir
  • Lana
  • Sonya
  • Moon
  • Shelfaniel
  • Vargas
  • Angelina

A Tier Characters In Langrisser

  • Ber Nhardt
  • Elwin
  • Altemuller
  • Almeda
  • Egbert
  • Chris
  • Dieharte
  • Freya
  • Hein
  • Lester

B Tier Characters In Langrisser

  • Sophie
  • Ferakia
  • Grenier
  • Matthew
  • Lewin

C Tier Characters In Langrisser

  • Imelda
  • Lance
  • Jessica
  • Emerick
  • Narm
  • Silverwolf
  • Kirikaze

This was the complete tier-wise ranking of all the characters in Langrisser Mobile. Players might not get S+ tier characters in their initial pull but do not worry, as you can reroll as well. Here is the reroll guide to help you reroll in Langrisser Mobile.

Langrisser Mobile Reroll Guide

  • The reroll mechanism is a bit tricky in Langrisser, the best way to reroll in Langrisser is by creating a new account on every server. Langrisser has different servers for different regions, and players can use different accounts for different regions. All you have to do is use a VPN, change the region and log in through a different account.
  • Players can also use a different Facebook account and use it to link to your Langrisser account. A different Facebook account allows you to reroll easily in Langrisser.

These were all the ways of rerolling in Langrisser mobile.

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