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Grimlight Tier List – Best Characters(2023)

Want to know about the Best Characters in Grimlight? Check out this Tier List.

Grimlight is a casual role-playing game where you have to fight and defeat enemies. This game works on the Gacha system, so you have to roll for characters and form a formidable team to be victorious. Well, if you’re excited to play this game, we have gathered the Best Characters in the Grimlight Tier List. Go through this guide and learn more about the characters in this game.

Alongside the tier list, we have also mentioned the method to reroll the characters and start again. Sometimes it happens that you don’t exactly get the best of characters. So, read along with this guide further to play smoothly.

What are the Best Characters in Grimlight – Tier List

Best Characters in Grimlight Tier List

In Grimlight, you have to pick each character wisely for the team because together these characters can beat the foes. Also, keep in mind that the Grimlight Tier List mentioned in this guide is subjective to all players. This tier list is arranged in ascending order with Tier S being the top tier and Tier D being the bottom tier. Find and refer to the list below.

Tier  Characters
S Red Knight, Goldilocks, Gretel, Aurora, Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, Geppetto, Tin Knight, Esme, Dracula,
A Bathory, Winter Queen, Snow White, White Knight, March Hare, Queen Of Hearts, Ginger, The Huntsman, Mal, White Rabbit
B Rapunzel, Cowardly Lion, Alice, Red, Hook, Briar Rose, Belle, Cinderella, Kayuga, The Little Mermaid, Caterpillar,
C Sage, Tamamo No Mae, Assassins, Odette, Little March Girl, Dorothy, Rangers, Otohime, Hansel,
D Guardian, Vita, Puss, Saffi, Odile, Big Bad Wolf, Cheshire Cat, The Beast, Robin Hood, Lis, Vita

Now that you know the Grimlight Tier List of the Best Characters, you might as well want to know how to reroll. Below you will see the steps given to reroll in Grimlight.

How to Reroll?

Rerolling the characters in this game can be a tad annoying because you have to play the whole tutorial before starting the game in a new account. So, if you’re ready to create multiple accounts, it is easy for you to reroll. But if you only have one account, you may want to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open Grimlight on your device
  • Head to the Settings tab and Log Out
  • Delete the game account data
  • Reinstall the game on your device
  • Log In and play the tutorial

Once you’ve played the tutorial, you will get a chance to reroll in the game. If you have multiple accounts, you simply have to log in with another account. This is all you need to know about the Grimlight Tier List and how to Reroll.

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