Graffiti Smash Tier List (2023)

Each hunter has its own specific strengths and weaknesses in the game

Graffiti Smash is Bandai Namco’s mobile RPG that allows players to battle it out as hunters in PvP matches. The action-style game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Join the fight as humans battle against the entity arc with a range of hunters to choose from. Each hunter has its own specific strengths and weaknesses in the game. Below we have put together a tier list with all the hunters in the game to help you decide which hunter best suits your play style. Without any further delay, let us check out the Graffiti Smash tier list.

Graffiti Smash Tier List – 2023

The S ranking goes to the most powerful hunters in the game while hunters with an A ranking are also pretty powerful to play with. B and C ranking hunters are average to play with and have a few flaws that stop them from ranking higher. The D and E ranking hunters provide quite a challenge to win with. In the end, which hunter you choose depends on your playstyle. Finding a hunter that complements your game is the most important part.


Ranking Hunter
S Stear, Byakko, Hadit, Halloween Elena, Seiten, Elena, Luke, Ortho, Tropical Stear, Aceida, Greed, Gluttony, Schneider, Diana, Butler Reise, Victor, Inari, Lamel, Conrad, Justice
A Halloween Karin, Masamune, Lynn, Uruk, Karin, Lily, Budd, Anger, Claire, Fate, Kirin, Sheldon, Neo, Yumi, Qiu, Mackina, Melta, Fran, Lust, Metatron, Pecola, Sakura Day Aber, Le Roussel, Gamester Conrad, Anvar, Liberta, Uriel, Folia, Ting, Resty, Xmas Eve Alice, Zesta, Muley, Yanagi, Zeno, Rone, Miel, Iris, Linaria, Prize, Shayle, Livio, Xmas Eve Justice
B Lothar, Lorne, Gabriel, Yuo, Maid Hina, Femina, Raphael, Kalm, Sariel, Kai, Fearmara, Lian, Raziel, Saizou, Amana, Markus, Iberis, Jet, Slyne, Janet, Masso, Werfen, Tropical Ruffer
C Krampus, Azalea, Ginji, Celio, Mikatsuchi, Halloween Anvar, Fullmoon Rum, Salva, Tropical Salva, Figaro, Vita, Abel, Gione, Nobody, Genbu, Rufure, Zapp, Lin, Michelle, Rudia, Anniversary Lilly, Hina, Nisse, Olga, Eunice, Noah, Alex, Ruger, Trita, Datta, Anniversary Clara, Ulin, Clara, Jedi, Nicholas, Tropical Lynn,
D Isaac, Edgar, Dini, Moon, Qingliu, Veseli, Sion, Leo, Margaret, Ryze, Simon, Reverie, Chloe, Ilya, Ubel, Irene, Sofia, Assad, Lorenz, Nigato, Homuna, Precia, Akino, Mira, Nia, Gloria, Maje, Anniversary Amana, Noel, Spira, Liscia, Maxima, Fauna, Whalley, Baird , Rum, Jens, Tropical Kirika, Soulier, Garza, Anju, Ferres, Halloween Claire, Meryl, Jack, Gartium, Blanche, Innes, Fullmoon Yomi, Sanya, Perfee, Fidel, Arsen, Eremia, Ariel, Mint, Sakura Day Eunice
E Kirika, Riche, Vaivara, Purete, Nordic, Juvia, Minnette, Gin, Einsarm, Crow, Tir, Praisir, Visbel, Tropical Sophia, Marcian, Fordeal, Lamp, Vento, Cheny, Soldat, Kaut, Nunnally, Kurche , Curtail, Ayame, Souji, Matia, Lunetta, Tarkish, Honnete, Noir, Rop, Tropical, Ideal, Stille, Mocha, Dangel, Soal, Rose, Ezelle, Orvid, Shu, Tropical Renge, Alice, Chaton, Lamel , Cecilia, Lutz, Vina, Lilin, Leah, Renge, Deetch, Karent, Betta, Dirnando, Fore, Halva, Avalude, Smittel, Stovy, Plium, Savant, Kaslan, Felsch, Sono, Heine


This is the complete Graffiti Smash tier list to help you find the best hunters for your gameplay. For more such lists, check out Games Adda’s Tier List.