Genshin Impact Ships Tier List (December 2021)

The complete Genshin Impact Ships Tier List.

Want a Genshin Impact Ships Tier List? Well, I got my friend to work her magic and come up with the best possible list. And before you keyboard warriors go all gung ho, do remember that there is a thing called a personal opinion. Respect that. Also, do note, that in the list we have not mentioned any underage characters, because, why would we? Now, let’s have a look at the best couples in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Ships Tier List

  • If you want to look for any ship, simply click Ctrl+F on your desktop. For mobile phones, click on the three dots on the top right of your phone browser.
  • After this, enter the name of the couple you want and look for them in the tier list given below.
  • Use the arrows on the pop-up box that comes. This will automatically move the screen over to the couple you are looking for.
  • This will show you the Genshin Impact Ships Tier List rankings of your choice.
  • A massive thank you to Ria Joseph for the help with this list. You can find her at @riicreate_ on Instagram.
Beiguang (Literal mommies, we love them) S
Chili (They’re like perfect example of husband that earns money and wife that spends all the money) S
Ganqing (Gfs, periodt) S
Guili [Guizhong+Zhongli] (Yes, pretty sure we’re all sad about this) S
JeanLisa (Yes, I’m pretty sure we can all agree, yes) S
JeanLuc (Cuties!!!) S
Kaebedo (Yessss bfs from Khaneri’ah with secrets) S
Zhongguang (Yes geo mommy and geo daddy) S
Albecrose (I think they’re just really good friends rather than romantically together) A
Ayamiya (besties!) A
Ganfei (They’re cute!! They’d be besties) A
HuXiao (Again, they’d be besties) A
IttoSara (Besties that annoy each other!!!! {itto being the one who annoys sara} A
KazuGorou (Besties!!) A
KokoSara (They’re gfs) A
ScaraMona (I see it, they’re like enemies to lovers type, hate each other’s guts at first but then fall in love you know) A
XiaoVen (Yesss both anemo boys with opposite personalities <3) A
Ayakomi (Literally never seen any interaction between them but i think they’d be friends) B
Chaeya (Again, no interaction but they’d be good friends) B
KokoRou (Boss and Assistant vibes but they’re also friends) B
Rosaeya (I can see them bonding over stuff and being friends) B
ZhongXiao (I can see a father son sort of relationship and i like it) B
EulaJean (I really don’t see it, at all) C
KaeJean (Strictly professional, only see each other at KOF meetings probably) C
KaeLisa (Strictly professional, only see each other at KOF meetings probably) C
ZhongVen (Just have the same position in life not really friends friends) C
ZhongBaal (Just have the same position in life not really friends friends) C
Almona (No, just no) F
DiluVen (No) F
KaeLuc (They’re literally brothers) F
KazuScara (I really don’t see it) F
Keqiao (0 interaction, there’s no way) F
ScaraBaal (Y’all wrong for this one) F
Tartbedo (???????) F
YaeBaal (It’s like saying VentixDvalin or ZhonglixAzdaha, just because yae has a human form) F
Zhongtao (Again, y’all wrong for this one) F

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