How To Restore IPhone Battery Health (2022)

Here are the tips that can improve and fix your iPhone battery health.

Here’s everything you need to know about how you can fix iPhone battery health. If your battery drains overnight then, there can be many reasons why it is happening. Many users are reporting that their battery drain overnight and battery healthy is decreasing drastically. In this situation often people go with buying a new iPhone or changing the battery itself. But don’t worry there are many other ways from which you can improve your iPhones battery health. Without any further delay let’s see how you can do it.

Tips To Improve iPhone Battery Health (2022)

Fix IPhone Battery Health

Here’s how you can improve your iPhone battery health and performance easily.

Disable Unused Features

There may be additional features running in the background which you don’t know about, but not anymore. If you want to improve your battery health then you’ll have to keep an eye on unused features. Features like Location, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and many more. Whichever feature you think is unnecessary and is killing your battery then go ahead, and turn it off ASAP.

Turn On Low Power Mode – Fix iPhone Battery Health

If you don’t have the time to turn off all the unused features, then here’s what you can do. Simply Enable Low power mode and you’ll be good to go. Turn on this option especially when you’re not using the phone. This will shut down all the unnecessary apps and features running in the background.

Turn Off Exposure Notification

After the Covid-19 outbreak apple released its new feature Exposure notification feature. This feature notifies you if you’re exposed to a place with a high risk to get Covid. The feature is constantly ON, which leads to battery drain. So if you want to fix your iPhone battery health, then turn off this feature and wear a mask.

Update Latest iOS Version

Always keep your iPhone up to date on the latest iOS version. Updating your phone to the latest iOS version will surely stop the decreasing battery health. However, we don’t recommend installing the beta versions.

Use Original Charger

You should never use different chargers to charge your phone. That’s because it straightly affects and damages the iPhone Battery Health. Always try using the original charger, and you’ll be good to go.

Don’t Drain iPhone’s Battery

Avoid using the phone until the battery drains and it’s dead. Using it below 20% will affect your battery performance and will eventually lead to damage to the battery’s health. Always try to charge your phone after it reaches 25%.

Don’t Overcharge Your iPhone

Often people don’t plug out the phone’s charger even if it reaches 100%. Doing so damages the iPhone battery health and also the battery itself. So avoid charging your iPhone overnight, or else the battery might end up getting swollen.

Reset – Fix iPhone Battery Health

you can also reset your phone and give it a new start. It will delete all the cache affecting your battery and might also slow down the decreasing battery health. however don’t forget to take a backup of all your data, or you might lose them.

This is all you need to do to improve and fix your iPhone Battery Health. However, if you want to know how can you eject water from your iPhone via Siri shortcuts, then go ahead and find out.