Here’s Why FB, Instagram & Whatsapp Was Not Working Yesterday!

Know all the reasons behind crash of Fb, Instagram,& Whatsapp.

Facebook (Fb), Instagram, & Whatsapp are the primary apps that are used for communication worldwide. These apps suddenly faced a huge outage of their all-time when all the three major apps and their other services went down globally. Ever since these three social media platforms went down, fans have been searching why yesterday Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram were down for so long and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered.

FB, Instagram, & Whatsapp Went Down For This Reason

Due to some major network issues Facebook, Instagram,& Whatsapp sever went down yesterday i.e on 04th October 20 po21 at around 9.15 pm (IST). People were not able to send or receive messages on WhatsApp and they were also not being able to load the content on Instagram and Facebook.

As Fb, Instagram,& Whatsapp all three apps run by the same company and somehow rely on one another they stopped working together. As soon as the server was broke, the issue was addressed by the company through their official Twitter handles.

Facebook also has a workspace that is used by many people for work purposes, Facebook apologized for causing the issue saying they are working on fixing it as soon as they can.

Instagram also updated all its users through their official Twitter account asking all the users to stay patient. As they are also having a hard time fixing the issue saying “Bear with us, we’re working on it”

Is Outage Or Server Down Is A Big Deal For All These Apps?

The answer is yes! We all know that these three apps are the major source of communication globally. When it goes down for such a long period there is a chance that they lose their hold on the people and lose the traffic. As nobody can tell about how long an outage issue will take to get fixed.

There is huge competition in the world with new apps coming up every day. All these new apps are waiting for opportunities when people go out looking for other options. Therefore, server down an issue or an outage issue is a big deal when it comes to famous or primary communication apps like Fb, Instagram,& Whatsapp.

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