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Chia Anime 2021 – Top 10 Similar Sites To Watch Anime Online For Free

Here's a list of best Chia-Anime alternatives.

China Anime is arguably one of the most popular Anime websites in 2021. The number of people who watch Anime movies and TV shows has significantly increased over the past few years. Yes, you read that right! Anime has become quite famous not only in children but also people of all ages.

There are tons of people who have been searching for best Anime websites to watch movies and TV shows.  With that in mind, we have decided to present some Anime websites similar to Chia-Anime.

There is no denying that Chia-Anime is one of the most visited Anime websites right now but there are people who don’t like this website and hunting for Chia Anime’s alternatives. If you too are looking websites similar to Chia-Anime then the following list will surely help you out.

Best Anime streaming sites similar to Chia-Anime

1. Crunchyroll

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Crunchyroll is similar to the Chia Anie website. Started by a group of California graduates, this website also streams manga and dorama. Crunchyroll is reported to have more than 50 million registered users. The website features almost 900 anime shows and that’s the reason why it is considered the best alternatives to Chia-Anime.

2. Gogoanime

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Gogoganime is one of the best platforms to watch full-length anime movies after Chia-Anime. This Anime streaming platform allows easier access and selection to users based on the latest episodes, rankings, and reviews. Gogoanime is one of those few anime sites which offer proper subtitles and anime suggestions based on their users’ reviews.

3. Putlocker

Chia Anime Alternatives

Putlocker is one of the best Anime sites of all time. Started in 2011, it has gained popularity after the shut down of MegaUpload. Putlocker was among one of the most visited 250 websites worldwide before putting down in 2016. Anime fans across the globe were gaga over the website and its unlimited edition of free anime.

4. 9Anime

Chia Anime Alternatives

9Anime offers its users free anime download options as well as free anime online streaming options. The website has English subtitles for its non-Japanese audience. It is different and provides variety which makes it a great alternative to Chia anime.

9Anime has one of the quickest updates on new episodes, ultimate HD experience, and little ads in between series that make it a fan favourite. 9Anime is considered one of the best alternatives to Chia-Anime.

5. Kissanime

Chia Anime Alternatives

Kissanime is one of the highest visited Anime websites in the world. The website provides viewers with different anime watching options and high-quality content. It is similar to Chia anime with respect to series download after registration.

6. Hulu

Chia Anime Alternatives

Hulu is one of the most popular Anime websites across the world. It offers not only anime shows but also Hulu’s originals, movies, and sitcoms. All the episodes on Hulu are in HD quality. However, you have to buy its membership to explore thousands of its premium Anime movies and TV shows. If you are looking for websites similar to Chia anime, Hulu is highly recommended.

7. Animeheaven

Chia Anime Alternatives

Animeheaven is yet another major platform to watch Anime movies, TV shows and drama. The best thing about this anime website is it does not serve ads to its users before and after an episode. The website has plenty of categories to choose from and also the option of free downloading. Due to the website’s varied features, Chia anime faces a lot of competition from Animeheaven.

8. Animefreak.tv

Chia Anime Alternatives

Animefreak is the most colorful and perfect website that resembles Japanese style. The content on this website is rare which makes it an anime lovers favourite. Animefreak also has its android application available on the app store, thus making it easier to watch anime.

9. Animedao

Chia Anime Alternatives

AnimeDao is one of the best platforms to enjoy a lot of Anime movies and TV shows in HD quality.  The best thing about this Anime website is it caters to different genres of anime all in dubbed version for people living outside Japan.  Animedao is regarded as the best alternatives to Chia-Anime.

10. Funimation

Chia Anime Alternatives

Funimation is the best platform to watch Anime movies and TV shows of various genres such as romance, drama, fantasy, action and adventure. The best thing about this anime website is it offers a subbed version of all Anime movies for free. Notably, you will need to buy its subscription to watch the dubbed version of Animes.


Japanese anime is a fun way of getting to understand their culture. In case you cannot watch your favourite anime on Chia anime, these websites will serve as your next perfect pit stop. The 10 mentioned names are topmost accessed anime websites across the globe and are known for their diverse quality and watching options.