Backwards 3: How To Type It Ɛ in 2022 – Easy & Quick Hacks

Backwards 3 is the classiest way over common emojis to show your affection towards loved one's on social media.

Before moving straight with how to type 3 in reverse, let’s discover its roots and significance first.

Backwards 3

Generally, this symbol is presented to show social affection. Gen X uses the reverse of the three icons to convey their emotions to their partners using them in the form of heart text (because it creates a sign in the head)

  • In the Latin phrase in the lowercase letters, reverse 3 is interpreted as Epsilon.
  • It also represents Ampersand or the reverse 3 text.
  • It is called the reverse alphabet E, or reverse number 3.
  • There is also an element of the Arabic script that reads “ain” for non-Arab speakers and is pronounced as “eye-n.”

Copy Paste the Backwards 3

To save you time and effort, you can simply copy-paste the Backwards 3 from the syntax,

Backwards/Reverse 3:  “ɛ”

The Backwards 3 or ɛ Alt-code 

Quickly get a Backwords 3 or ɛ in the upper part of your word processor in a blank document. Simply, type “0190” and then hit “AL T-X” to turn it into a Backwards three.

Pick From Characters

You can avail and browse an array of character symbols from Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Just follow the below instructions:

  • Click on the “Upload” key and then click on the “Symbol”.
  • A new window will pop-up showcasing a long string of characters and symbols from which you can pick up several characters that look similar to Backwards 3.
  • If you choose a standard font like Arial or Times New Roman, you’re likely to have the most choices.

Symbol – Ɛ reflects E

Yes, to some degree, it’s E. It appears very much like E’s Backwards capital. That’s nothing since this sign can be perceived in several respects.

Final Verdict

I guess we’re done with our complete stepwise tutorial. If you want to send “Heart” icons, you can pursue our Backwards 3 guide, no matter which device you are trying for. It’s willing to walk you high against the conventional social media Emojis and also look classy.

Keep coming back for more such cool guides.