Top 13 FREE Anime Websites to Watch The Best Anime Online

Here's a list of best websites to watch Anime movies & TV shows.

Do you watch Anime online? If your answer is YES then you are at the perfect place. The fanbase of Anime has increased manyfold over the years but they are still having trouble finding the trusted and useful Anime websites, where they can watch Animated movies, cartoons, and TV shows.

With that in mind, we have conducted extensive research and found out a bunch of free websites where you can watch Anime online at no cost. All Anime websites that we have enlisted here are 100% free and legal. The best thing about the following Anime sites is they have a simple interface, making it easier to find Anime movies, TV shows, and Cartoons by season, year, quality, and language.

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There are tons of Anime lovers out there but not all of them can afford to buy subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu and other paid streaming sites to watch Anime online and that’s the reason why we have come up with a bunch of free Anime sites.

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Without any further ado, let’s take a look at free and legal Anime websites:

Here Are 20+ Websites To Watch Anime Online (April 2021)

Anime Websites Link
Anime Planet
My Anime List
Soul Anime
Anime Lab
Anime Heaven
Side Real
Anime Take

List Of Top 13 Anime Sites To Watch Anime Online

1. Crunchyroll

Best Manga Sites

Crunchyroll is one of the best websites to watch Animated content online. Crunchyroll is a streaming platform, which lets you stream Anime, manga, and drama. This Anime website lets you stream your favorite Anime for free. While it provides excellent 720p quality videos, in some cases the quality might degrade to 480p.

Crunchyroll supports a lot of languages like English, Deutsch, Italiano, and more. So you can watch your favorite show with Dub and subtitles as well.

2. Funimation

Best Anime Sites

Funimation is also an American entertainment company that provides dubbing and distribution of foreign shows, including Anime. It offers both free and paid services for Anime fans. The free version of this anime website will let you watch selected shows for free but you have to fall prey to incessant ads. With the paid version, you can watch any show and the latest Anime without ads.

3. Kissanime

Best Anime Sites

With Kissanime’s faster and high-quality server, you can watch your favourite anime shows in HD quality. They have all past shows as well as new shows in dubbed and subbed English versions.

You can stream your favourite Anime without subscribing to any premium membership. It also has the benefit to bookmark the episodes. Kissanime will let you pick a show from a different genre like romance, action, comedy, horror, adventure, and more. You just have to register for free to enjoy the shows.

4. GOGOAnime

Best Anime Sites

GOGOanime is available across the globe for free streaming. It has almost seven fast servers to choose from. GOGOAnime also offers a lot of anime movies and shows in different genres. But, it does not have any rights for free anime streaming. But as a viewer or watcher, you don’t have to worry about that.

5. 9Anime

Best Anime Sites

The best part about this Anime websites is it does not need you to register even for free access. Just visit the website, and you are good to stream. 9Anime has various shows under different genres like drama, action, and more.

The video streaming of 9Anime is faster, even for HD videos. 9Anime provides animes that are unofficial and pirated. Hence, many watchers are concerned about 9anime Kodi addons safety. However, these addons are not much related to the site. You can stream plenty of Anime TV shows online and movies without any worries.

6. AnimeFreak

Best Anime Sites

AnimeFreak is more of a Japanese style colourful personal blog-like website. The website holds a lot of information about Anime. It releases daily updates of new series and mega comics for its users. You will get access to some of the best English dubbed anime shows. Viewers not only get attracted to its bright Japanese style look. Only the paid version of this site is legal.

7. Hulu

Best Anime Sites

Hulu offers not only anime shows but also Hulu’s originals, movies, and sitcoms. All the episodes on Hulu are in HD quality. However, you have to buy a membership to watch the shows. As they are offering Hulu’s original shows, membership money could be worth it. You can also stream the shows on your mobile phone.

8. MyAnimeList

Best Anime Sites

MyAnimeList is yet another destination to explore Anime TV shows and Movies. This website lets you watch your favourite shows without any ad. It has different tabs like Anime tab, the community tab, store, and much more.

Under the Anime tab, you will find more tabs like Top Anime, Seasonal Anime, Videos, Reviews, Recommendations. Hence, searching for a new show or a favourite show is much more comfortable. This website also showcases the rank of the series/show, along with a short description. You can enjoy English subbed shows on MyAnimeList.

9. Tubi TV

Best Anime Sites

Tubi TV is one of the viral platforms that has surfaced for free streaming of anime shows. The quality of the videos is impressive compared to other websites. You will also get to enjoy subbed and dubbed versions of your favorite shows legally. However, Tubi TV offers a very limited collection of anime shows. The website has a dark mode for eye comfort and a user-friendly interface.

10. AnimeLab

Best Anime Sites

AnimeLab is one of the best Free Anime streaming websites. Other than laptops and smartphones, the site works fine with Apple TV, Apple airplay, Google chrome cast, or Samsung TVs or any other device.

AnimeLab is available in both Free and Paid versions with no ads. You will get an option of English audio instead of subtitles with shows belonging to different genres. It’s suitable for kids watching Doraemon and slightly young kids who watch Dragon Ball Z. The paid version of AnimeLab is legal.

11. ConTV

Best Anime Websites

CONtv is an OTT platform, which provides the content of all genres, including ANIME. Launched in March 2015, the OTT platform has become a huge name in classic films, TV series, and Comics. The platform is currently available for devices such as Roku, Apple iOS, Android, Xbox, and Smart TVs.

This website has tons of Anime movies, TV series, and Cartoons. The best thing about this Anime site is it does have an option allowing you to videos to watchlist. What makes this Anime site quite popular among the users is it does not require you to sign up to access Anime content.  Yes, you simply need to search the desired content and click on that title to watch.

12. 9Anime

Best Anime Websites

If you are an ardent Anime lover then 9Anime is a site that you must have heard or used at least once. What makes 9Anime popular among Anime lovers is it does provide content in numerous categories such as comedy, drama, games, and more.

The interface of this Anime site is appalling and it will surely force you to visit this site again and again. The reason why millions of people visit this site on a monthly basis is it keeps fans updated about upcoming Anime movies, TV shows, and games as well.

This website has segregated contents by Season, Year, Quality, Type, and Language. What differentiates 9Anime from the others is it has an option where you can make a request for Anime that you would love to watch online.

13. AnimeDao

Best Anime Websites

AnimeDao is yet another free Anime site where you can watch thousands of Animated movies, TV shows, and games online. The best thing about this site is it provides content in both Japanese and English language, making it easier for Non-Japanese fans to understand.

If you are watching a particular Anime series on Anime Dao but want to continue watching it later, the website has an option to bookmark the video. Unlike other websites, you can find the desired content by searching or Alphabetical orders.

If you love to watch content in Dark mode then you can turn it on by going to the settings. The website will keep you updated with upcoming movies, TV shows and, Cartoons if you have enabled its notification.

These are the top 13 best websites to watch Anime online across the world. Make sure to visit this page frequently because we will keep updating this list on a monthly basis. This list was last updated on April 3, 2021.