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Not sure if is legit and gives free Robux?

Nothing in this world comes free and Robux is certainly no exception. If you love Roblox and need free Robux, a site called promises to deliver on this. From 400 to 10,000 Robux, the site has grabbed the attention of many players. While some have chosen to go and try the site out as soon as they found out, others have done their research. Congratulations on being part of that group! In this article, we answer the burning question that everyone has. Could be another scam site? Let’s dive in and find out.

Is Legit About Free Robux?

Does Give Free Robux?

No, is a scam site as it claims to give you free Robux but very few have actually been able to cash in on this promise. If any at that. Gamers fill in surveys, download apps and give their personal information without getting any Robux in return. Instead, many claims have come in saying that they got stolen from instead. Personal information being stolen is a serious offence that needs to be looked at.

A lot of us cannot afford to buy Robux on our own. Yet, it is the only legit way to get the money that we need so badly to game with. Even though you have to pay for it, you will definitely get what you are looking for. Remember, will not give you Robux. Instead, it will steal from you.

What Does Offer? offers a whole list of deals that are too good to be true. From 400 to 10,000 Robux, just pick the amount that you want on and they will (claim to) make it happen. By pressing the connect button, they simply redirect you to another site to complete a long survey and install apps.

With a site this young, you really cannot trust that it will deliver on its promise. Especially when they claim to give anything for free. Since Roblox is a game for kids and teens, a lot of sites prey on them to get what they want. This was our opinion on and their claim to give free Robux. For more Roblox related content, check out these guides.