Top 5 Roblox Horror Games To Play In 2021

There are several roblox games, some are scary as well but only the top few made to this list. Here is a list of Top Roblox Horror Games.

Roblox is widely popular, with so many games there is one for everyone. From racing to shooter you can get all kinds of Roblox games but today we will be looking at the scary ones. Here’s our list of the top Roblox horror games you should check out.

Top Roblox Horror Games To Play In June 2021

roblox horror games
Let’s see the best Roblox horror games

1) Roblox Horror Elevator

As the name suggests the game has an elevator that randomly stops at floors. The premise is simple all you have to do is deal with whatever comes at you once the elevator door opens. The game has a lot of jump-scares especially every time the elevator door opens. This one will remind you of The cabin in the woods.

2) Roblox The Mirror

This one takes the more psychological route instead of the old-school jump scares and gore. You will be going over obstacles and seeing yourself in the mirror. Might sound easy but gets tricky when all you see is your reflections and try to time (or mistime) things. The more you play it the creepier it gets.

3) Roblox Dead Silence

You saw it coming, didn’t you? Given how popular dead silence is it would have been stupid to not include it. The game is based on a 2007 film of the same name it starts with a murder and all you have for a clue is a note with “Mary Shaw” written on it and a Ventriloquist doll. Investigating will make you come across some really scary things. Given how realistic the game looks it elevates the fear.

4) Roblox Murder Mystery 2

This one is a bit simple as it takes the classic whodunit route. From the multiple people at the dinner party, you have to analyze and deduce who is the killer, much like among us. With less blood and gore and multiple modes of Roblox Murder Mystery, 2 is children-friendly as well.

5) Roblox Nightmare Mines

If solving puzzles against a ticking clock and zombies charging at you is your thing then Robox Nightmare Mines is the game for you. With a simple premise and less blood and gore, this one is more of a puzzle game in a horror setting. If you are looking for something less scary this is the game you should check out.

That’s all for this one, do check out our extensive guide for Roblox game codes and other tips and tricks.