Pokémon Go: What Pokémon Are No Longer Available?

Want to know which Pokémon are not a part of Pokémon Go anymore? Check out this guide.

Pokémon Go has presented a new way of connecting with your favorite Pokémon. Fans can think of Pokémon Trainer as a virtual career and capture all the Pokémon in the game. However, you might have noticed that there are Pokémon who are no longer available in Pokémon Go. If you’re curious to know which ones aren’t a part of the game anymore, this is the place to be. Below, we have covered the list of Pokémon who are no longer a part of Pokémon Go. All you have to do is go through this guide to know which are the missing Pokémon in the game.

What Pokémon are not a Part of Pokémon Go?

Pokemon No Longer Available in Pokemon GO

Among the 9 Generations of Pokémon that have featured in the game, a lot of them are no longer available in Pokémon Go. Whether these missing Pokémon will be featured in the future is still unclear. If the Niantic wishes so, they may make an appearance, or maybe not. In this guide, we have created a list of Pokémon that are not a part of Pokémon Go currently. You will find the list given below.

Phione Dreepy
Arceus Duraludon
Kecleon Arctovish
Manaphy Dracovish
Rotom  Arctozolt
Zorua Dracozolt
Zoroark Copperajah
Larvesta Cufant
Volcarona Morpeko
Black Kyurem  Indeedee
Resolute Keldeo  Stonjourner
Zen Darmanitan  Eiscue
Skiddo Frosmoth
Gogoat Snom
Honedge Pincurchin
Doublade Alcremie
Hawlucha Milcery
Carbink Grimmsnarl
Zygarde Morgrem
Diancie Impidimp
Volcanion Grookey
Aegislash Thwackey
Basculegion Rillaboom
Wyrdeer Scorbunny
Enamorus Raboot
Kleavor Cinderace
Calyrex Sobble
Spectrier Drizzile
Glastrier Inteleon
Regidrago Rookidee
Regieleki Corvisquire
Urshifu Corviknight
Kubfu Blipbug
Eternatus Dottler
Crabrawler Orbeetle
Crabominable Nickit
Cutiefly Thievul
Ribombee Gossifleur
Wishiwashi Eldegoss
Mareanie Chewtle
Toxapex Drednaw
Mudbray Yamper
Mudsdale Boltund
Bounsweet Rolycoly
Steenee Carkol
Tsareena Coalossal
Passimian Applin
Sandygast Flapple
Palossand Hatterene
Pyukumuku Hattrem
Silvally Hatenna
Minior Polteageist
Komala Sinistea
Turtonator Grapploct
Bruxish Clobbopus
Drampa Silicobra
Dhelmise Sandaconda
Necrozma Cramorant
Magearna Arrokuda
Marshadow Barraskewda
Zeraora Toxel
Cursola Toxtricity
Dragapult Centiskorch
Drakloak Sizzlipede
Heat Rotom Fan Rotom
Mow Rotom Frost Rotom
White Kyurem

These are the Pokémon that are no longer available in Pokémon Go. As mentioned earlier, there could be any reason behind why these Pokémon aren’t a part of the game yet. All we can do is hope for them to make an appearance in the game at some point.

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