How To Switch Teams In Pokemon GO

Find out how to choose a new team in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has a lot of interesting elements to enhance the gameplay experience for players. Once players reach level 5, they can visit a Gym and choose from three available teams Instinct (yellow), Mystic (blue), or Valor (red). This is quite an important decision as it is difficult to change your team once chosen. However, if you really want to switch teams in Pokemon Go, this guide will explain how to do so.

How To Switch Teams In Pokemon GO?


It is simple to switch teams once you know what to do. You will first have to collect 1,000 PokeCoins to purchase the Team Medallion. PokeCoins can be earned by defending a Gym with your team. You can earn up to 50 PokeCoins per day with this method. In addition, you can also purchase PokeCoins from the game shop.

Once you have enough PokeCoins, follow the instructions below to switch teams without hassles.

  • Go to the Shop.
  • Browse to find the Team Medallion in the Upgrades section.
  • Purchase the Team medallion with 1,000 PokeCoins.
  • You can now use the Team Medallion by going to your items menu.
  • When you use the Team Medallion, a pop up will inform you that you cannot purchase another Team Medallion for 365 days. This is why it is important to  choose the right team this time. You will not be able to use another Team Medallion for 365 days after using one.
  • Confirm that you want to use the medallion.
  • Select the new team you want to switch to.

This is how you can easily switch teams in Pokemon Go. Keep in mind that if you have any Pokemon in Gyms, remote berry feeding will be disabled for them. The Pokemon will be returned to your storage once you visit that Gym or they are defeated. You will not receive any PokeCoins for defending the Gyms.

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