Mega Nests In Pokemon Go (2022): Everything You Need To Know

Here is everything you need to know about Mega Nests in Pokemon Go!

In Pokemon Go, all the trainers have to travel to various locations in order to catch the Pokemons. This is a little tedious process and one might get bored going after pokemon then there is an option for you. Pokemon Nests are the special locations in Pokemon Go where the same Pokemon spawn multiple times. These nests are located near the Poke Spots and Poke gyms for all the players.

So, if you do not want to travel the universe in search of pokemon, then here is an alternate option for you. Learn about Mega Nests in Pokemon Go and get your favorite Pokemon in the game.

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What Are Mega Nests In Pokemon Go & Where To Find Them?

Mega Nests in Pokemon Go

Mega Nests are larger nests in Pokemon Go where Pokemon spawn in larger numbers. They can be found near the Poke Gyms and Poke Spots. All trainers or players can visit the Mega Nests to find the special, shiny Pokemons that are usually difficult to capture.

Especially, the trainers are on shiny hunting this is the effortless way to catch Pokemon. Just find the nearest Pokemon Mega Nest or Nest and get your favorite Pokemon. But these are not available always. Mega Nests are available in the game only on special days like community days.

So keep an eye on all these special community days for Pokemon Go and do not miss your chance to collect the rare, shiny Pokemon effortlessly. There is also something called Spotlight hour that makes Mega Nests available for all the trainers to the nearest locations.

For all the players who already know about Pokemon Nests, Mega Nests are simply the bigger version of them with a higher spawn rate. So if you are already aware of Pokemon Nests follow the same drill to get your favorite Pokemon.